ER101/102 patches

Hi there,

as a new member, and still waiting for my ER101/102 combo, I would like to know how users here create their patches, with other sequencers, etc.
My rack is ready to receive this powerful combo and the fun already begins with creative setups that I can explore.
Thanks in advance.

No one?

I too am waiting to get my order in on the ER-101, just placed my order for the ER-102 this morning. I’ve not seen a really great tutorial on a step-by-step guide to sequencing with the 101/102 combo. One could start to think that if you are going to spend over $1000 on a modular sequencer you must have the wherewithal to start digging and figure it out. Beyond the extensive 34 page manual there are some demo videos from Brian himself, Robotopsy has some nice examples, and watching Colin Benders work his dual ER-101’s/ER-102’s might help with some familiarity. On Colin’s livestream people have been asking him to do a deep dive on the sequencer so maybe if enough of us ask he’ll oblige us.


That person might be me :smile:
I follow his work quit some time and saw him doing a live modular set, so the interaction between the CR and ER has got my full attention.

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