ER101/102 VS Eloquencer thoughts

In my long run waiting for the ER combo someone pointed me in the direction of a Winter Modular Eloquencer.
I didn’t know this.
Looks good with 8 tracks of CV and gates, programmable randomness and pattern/song presets with OLED.
Anyone experienced this sequencer?

Sure, if you want to be constraint by the grid. After ER101/2 all the grid sequencers look uninspiring and plain boring to me.:sleeping:
(Apart from Ansible)


Hi, there you’ve got a point.
I definitely want the ER101/102 but the 8 tracks of the Eloquencer is quite a lot.
Although restricted by the “grid” I think it’s a powerful device.

I had a little preview of the Eloquencer at Superbooth and it’s a very capable machine, I am not sure about comparing it to the ER-101 they are quite different sequencers.

I would consider it for a drum sequencer, in that regard it would probably perform very well indeed, but for melodic sequence programming I do like the dual CV out tracks on the ER-101.

I think it can break out of the grid quite easily with different track lengths if you are into that kind of thinking. It also has cv in to manipulate parameters which can open up huge possibilities.

It really reminded me of the Elektron sequencer style, which is really quite advanced and great fun!

Not sure what else to say really, but I know Winter Modular are also open to suggestions and are still developing the firmware.


I believe they are also planning to open source the firmware.


Thank you all for reply.
Although the ERs are top priority on my list I like to try other sequencers to.
Bit of an addiction :smile:… getting out of hand

At the moment in case/stock:
5x A155s plus 3x A154s
Circadian Rhythms
Varigate +8
Voltage Block
2X Stillson Hammer MKII

Maybe the Eloquencer will be at the list… let’s wait for this device to get mature first and have some more demos.


How many sequencers? :astonished:

Hehe, why are you even asking, order the 101/102 and set up a standing order with your local dealer for all sequencers as they become available :joy:

Joking aside, I do know what you mean, I much prefer sequencer modulation than any other form, LFO’s, simple envelopes and random are all very well and good, but there’s nothing like modulating parameters with sequencers - a process I came to really enjoy from using the Elektron p-lock functionality! I find the Stillson Hammer particularly good in this regard :slight_smile:


I know…

The Elektron Plock is great as I own an AR.
All those sequencers have their pros and cons.
In the end… I get stuck with them.

Cool - I liked the RYTM, but ultimately it had to go as I didn’t get along with it that well with the synthesised sounds and the range of possibilities. I could dial it in very nicely, and very quickly, but then found that I didn’t have much wiggle room compared to using single shot samples on the Octatrack. It’s like they designed it as half a solution, the other half being a DAW and Overbridge. Plus no midi out!

I loved the A4 sequencer - awesome possibilities with the p-locks and the arp, but that had to go too as it was just too much gear for what it did. I do kinda miss it sometimes.

I still have and use the Octatrack - it is a truly brilliant machine!

Kinda tempted with the new Digitakt, but probably won’t as it doesn’t offer that much more than the Octatrack and in many ways the Octatrack still way out performs it.

What I would really like is an Elektron multi-channel A4 style CV sequencer with an absurd number of outputs - that would get me to part with cash! Probably not going to happen though :sob:

… oh wait - I have Octatrack(or iPad) & Shuttle Control/Yarns, Stillson Hammer mk][ and ER-101/102 - all is well in my little world :smile:

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Love-hate relationship with the AR, don’t use the samples only synthesis.
Never looked at Overbridge…don’t like interfaces, I’m still into oldskool dub recording albeit into Protools.

But now… as Brian said… my order is almost ready for shipping.
ER102/102 combo is a must have for me.

Curious how the workflow is getting along with my logics :sunglasses:

With that much experience and appreciation of sequencers, I would imagine you’re going to get along just fine :slight_smile:

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consider the flxs1 too. the second cv out on every channel is for modulation, lfos. you can for example have a different speed and different waveform lfo on every step of the sequence. this will be a lot of fun with the er301… not to mention all the arpeggio abilities. colin benders got his hands on one pre release. from his Instagram page today on the flxs1: "Immagine the ER101 making babies with Rene and Metropolis: 4 voice polyphonic sequencer with an incredible ease of use. "
for the record, i have paid for both the eloquencer and the flxs1, and am patiently awaiting their release!

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Yes, that’s what I noticed on his last streamvid.
Didn’t recognise the unit but found it after.
No comment because I didn’t check a demo although there may be one on YT.
Still, the Eloquencer has 8 tracks of gate and CV and that triggers me at the moment.
Hopefully there are some future updates for clock division and note tie.


another cool thing about the flxs1 is it has 4 cv inputs and 4 gate inputs. you can clock each of the four cv/gate/cv modulation channels completely independently or use the gate ins for other effects, and modulate many parameters with the cv ins, like speed of arpeggios, gate lengths and a ton more. midi interfacing features planed too.

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It’s not clear to me who here actually has experience with the 101/102

A lot of the things being pointed out about the FLXs & Eloq the 101/102 can do

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Eloquencer supports gate length (and randomization of gate length, per step) and clock division/multiplication, today.

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I don’t have any experience with it. I sure love my ER-301, so I imagine the 101/102 are excellent products. But I confess I haven’t taken the time to understand them.

Indeed, it can. Seems like people don’t fully comprehend the potential of ER-101/2. Well, bad for them. :pensive:

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Later today I’ll take some time to watch some videos, but I’m sure we’d all love to hear what you have to say about it, as well!

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I believe the key here is whether you’re talking about the Eloquencer/FLx vs 101 or vs the 101&102

Simply put the ability to shape, control, modify sequencers on the 101 via the 102 is huge. I’ve recently been through all the videos and read the manuals multiple times for both the 101/102 and it is super powerful

I’m getting some solid “out of the box” results - personally enjoying the non-grid functionally and direct voltage/note feedback from the display