ER101 and Logic Constant Gate at Transport stop

I am clocking the ER101 in a rather complicated way. I am running Logic and taking the clock output from a yarns and using a Mordax data to multiply the clock X4 as I have other clocked gear in the system that all expect different divisions of the clock to stay in sync.

I am using logic because I want to combine soft synths with my modular rig and I am also running expert sleepers Silent Way to generate modulations.

I notice that when I stop the Logic transport all the clocks stop including the ER-101 transport. However the ER101 keeps sending a high gate so I have to reach for the pause to stop it from sending a gate. This seems to happen / not happen randomly.

What is happening. Is it looping the last step when I stop the clock?

If you are not using the internal clock multipliers then you can assume that nothing on the ER-101 will change unless it receives a clock pulse just like a traditional analog sequencer. So if you stop the clock that is driving the ER-101, then it will stop with the outputs frozen at wherever the last clock pulse put the play head.

But then shouldn’t the gate stop at the gate length set for the step it is on when it stops receiving a clock pulse?

If it stays frozen at a step, and ignores the gate length then how do you end a song?

But if the gate length is three clock pulses and the ER-101 has only received one of these pulses so far, why should the gate go down? Clocks in the modular context can speed up or slow down, so the ER-101 can’t really assume that the clock is going to continue as is and that thus the longer pause it is observing means that you turned off the clock. You may have just modulated the clock to slow down to a tenth of the speed.

As for ending a song abruptly, my first impulse would be to just mute or fade out the track (depending on how abrupt the end is supposed to be). My performances usually use mixers for “arrangement” more so than sequencers. You could also apply a math transformation that reduces the gate length to 0 on all steps (by multiplying with 0) and then stop the transport after one clock pulse. If you have a completely written out song in the ER-101, you could include an end step with no gate and a relatively long step length on which you can then either press the pause button or stop transport in logic.

But maybe someone that works more like you has a better suggestion - these all seem a bit clumsy.

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