ER101 Availability

I am sorry to ask this, I did look for a recent similar topic.
I used to have a 101 several years ago and had to sell it with a large system.
I’m very interested in getting one and find there are basically none available.
Just wondering if Brian can tell me when he thinks it will materialize before me. Ha!
Thank you!!!

Ah, I do see the availability topic in the purchasing area. The last post was a while ago. Sadness. Anybody want to trade one for some buchla stuff? Whomp whomp!

So… this is just wild speculation, I’m also really hoping to buy one of these new and not at an inflated second-hand price. But this is what I’ve been thinking lately:

Let’s say that the issue here is ONLY the lack of microcontrollers. (Probably there are other factors… I hear panel manufacturing is more difficult recently, other common parts are going out of stock left and right, inflation, shipping issues, etc).

I’m looking over the source code and back-of-module pics. The AT32UC3A1512 chip has an estimated restock at Mouser of November-December 2023. And the DAC7718 in QFN package has a restock of September 2023.

There may be a substitute MCU that’s available sooner, but generally that would still be Q3 2022 or beyond, and a hardware redesign might necessitate a software redesign too.

It’s a tough time that I’m sure requires lots of work and difficult choices as a designer.

Again, just speculation so apologies if I’m way off base.

I was thinking of Buchla, the 251e and friends, as an alternative. Apparently they’re on at least 6-month lead time, so that would be 2023 either way. In the meantime I guess this is a good chance to start experimenting with MIDI software!

that’s useful information, even if it is just a wild speculation. Yeah, parts are super hard to find
these days and Brian is not the only one having a hard time with this issue. Just about every manufacturer outthere is experiencing heavy delays.
I keep waiting for that tweet…
always optimistic I’ll strike luck and be able to buy something from next batch.