ER101 banana jacks?

Hi everyone,

Don’t know if it’s the right place to ask that, sorry if it’s not. I am a Serge user and I was wondering if there would be a way to modify an ER101 to have banana connexions to use it with my system ? Does anyone ever heard of this ?
Thanks !


If the voltages are compatible, I think you’d have to rolll your own … or at least a 1/8” TR to banana cable for each connection you want to use.

Hi Neil. Well, these are things I don’t know how to make… I’ll stick to the TKB for the moment and build such a project when I’ll get my hand on an ER101. All the best and thank you !

There are many “format jumblers” that will allow you to connect your ER-101 to your Serge system. Random*Source just released one, CG products and Low-Gain make various versions for Euro and external.

Search “banana” on ModularGrid, or visit the respective manufacturer websites.

Note: you’ll need to connect a ground cable from the format jumbler to your Serge power supply.