ER101 - Random feature

Hi all,

This is more a feature request / implementation as I’m aware that the user can randomly assign a CV value to each step through the ‘MATH’ function, however i feel this can be expanded on.

Rather than assigning a random CV value each time you press MATH (rd) and then select your range for which the random to chose from, I feel it would be more beneficial to select a range, or a voltage table to then allow each step to be chosen in each time the step is active.

Set Mode - random step through cycle of the steps in the sequence.
For example: MATH - rd - CV A - Assign range (+7)

  • So for every step, it ‘randomly’ is assigned a CV A value in that range, continously. Choosing a value between 0 and 7 for each step.



If I understand you correctly, it sounds as if you want a random value to be assigned to CV A of a track automatically, ie without having to press the Math button.

If so, this is easily done with the ER-102 expander. You can assign a Math transform to be applied every time an inputted gate is high (or low). You can have several different transformations automatically applied to different groups of notes.


Yes exactly, like a random function on other sequences that play a random value each step within a scale or set range of notes.

Sounds like I need to purchase the ER102 then. It would be great if this is something that could be implemented as an additional math function in an updated firmware.