ER101 scale display

Going through some old snapshots and not entirely sure which scales are set in the voltage tables. Does anybody know a UI gesture that displays active scale?

Browse voltages in table A or B
1 Press TRACK and select Track number
2 TABLE switch to A or B
3 Press INDEX
4 Turn LEFT knob to adjust the voltage index in the VOLTAGE display

Hiya! Yeah, I think what you’re suggesting is a way of SELECTING a scale which is slightly different to the question proposed in the OP, but thanks for getting involved.

Perhaps if there was a micro dot similar to that used in the snapshot display, to indicate populated slots, could , somewhere in the voltage display, ndicate which scale is active ?

Snapshots have tracks, and each track contains the voltage reference tables that are used in your sequence. Those track voltage reference tables do not have names, so the only way to see the scale is to scroll through the individual values as described in my response.

You do not “select” a scale for a track, you modify it in place in the track, or copy all values over from a User Reference Table. The User Reference Table name does not transfer with the copy, since there is no place to store it.

As far as I understand, the voltage tables do have names and one that is a favourite of mine is ‘bLuE’ oh and another favourite is ‘bALI’ besides a few others, depending on my mood. Anyway, scrolling through old snapshots I would like to know if there is a quick and ‘light on the brain’ way of knowing which scale is being used in the track.

bALI and bLuE are the voltage reference table file names on the SD card or ER-101. Once you copy the reference table to a track, all of the voltage data is copied and it may be freely updated per track without effecting the table on the SD card.

The voltage table in your track does not have a name.

The short answer to your question is no, you cannot determine the track voltage table without looking at data for each entry.

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Thanks @microtonal for taking the time and explaining why it’s not possible.

You are welcome.

I have found that it is useful to take good notes for every scale and snapshot that is saved.