ER301 and Monome intergration -mod done before leaving factory?

Hey all - Aparently ive lasted a month through my 2 month wait and while the Teletype/Grid marriage has me totally drooling…what I was wondering though was if the mod could be done at the factory before coming to me - ie already modded. I dont at all trust myself to do it
I would have PM’d you Brian but I thought others may be thinking the same thing…


Sure. Just let me know. Keep in mind that you will need to source your own cable to connect the TT to the ER-301.


Would 3 of these taped together do the trick?

Those should be fine as long as your Teletype and ER-301 are next to each other.

Thanks for posting - I’m also in the queue and had been thinking the same thing.

@odevices Is it best to PM you via forum or email?

That,s what i’m done :wink: but i not tested it… I’ll let you know !