ER301 Audio In audible not visible clipping


I recently aquired my ER301 and am working with it in a session straight away. I have high quality signal connects, and power supplies and convertors. I am a little puzzled why the high end inputs on the ER301 ( IN 1 - 4 ) at 96K , sound clipped when I don’t see clipping on the ER301 scopes? IN fact, I hear clipping generally alot on the inputs which is not what I expect, and I have DC / HPF filter on the inputs

This is most noticeable on the effect I am working with, the Dub Looper , and input from the SC Pro3

Am I missing something? I have set the Preamplification options to be as expected.

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That is very strange. I have only really experienced clipping when doing feedback patches.

What firmware version do you have installed?



I’m also thinking perhaps its some particular settings of the Dub Looper Unit I am exploring, perhaps it is amplifying internally, as it adds layers.

I experienced cracks and pops when using the input in earlier versions - have you tried the newest firmware ?

well, its normal to have a consistent amount of amplitude if you use sound on sound techniques, i don’t think there is any tipe of attenuation\normalization so you’re basically adding layer upon layer of sounds.
if you don’t start very low level you reach the ceiling pretty fast.

Have you tried monitoring the output levels instead? Clipping should be visible on the scope.

If you suspect your loop layers are overwhelming the output stage then I’d suggest attenuating your inputs using Limiter units.

If it is an issue of input clipping then it should be visible at the outputs when you load a blank patch and simply connect your input on that output chain.

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