Er301 bent faceplate, screen and acrylic popped out

Hi there,
I recently purchased the ER301 off a seller online and when it arrived the faceplate was bent (top left) and the screen is tilted backwards, acrylic popped out on top left hand corner, when I press the buttons it puts pressure on the screen and the screen won’t sit flush with the faceplate due to the damage - I feel its been stood on or heavy parcels put on top of it in transit causing damage. When I power it up the menus present uneven on the top screen too. It’s a black faceplate and the seller won’t send me the original faceplate until I get a quote from someone to confirm that the bracket on the PCB is bent causing the screen to present wonky and the acrylic popping out. I’ve provided him with these videos and images:

Would really appreciate any help here! Should the module present like this? I’ve been looking to get it fixed and emailed a few people without a reply yet (he’s agreed to reimburse me for the cost) but I’d need a faceplate that isn’t bent so it sits as normal. If anyone could fix the 301 or provide any feedback then that would be great! Thank you

My idea would be to carefully remove the frontplate, reseat the screen and put everything back together unless it really is bent. Once you removed the frontpanel you should be able to see if the panel can actually sits flush in the rails of your case.
My amber lenses fell out due to “cats in the house”, a tiny dot of glue fixed this (you will need to remove all jacks and the encoder).

If the panel is really bent, I have no idea though.

Thanks for your reply @doomglue so yeah the panel is bulged out when I look at it from the side, when it sits in my rack I can’t screw it right down on that corner and the actual screen isn’t flush with the panel as it’s also bent on an angle due to the damage. The unfortunate thing is that the seller won’t send me the original panel until a technician confirms that the screen/bracket is bent, which I don’t think is fair really as its been delivered to me in this condition :frowning: and I don’t intend to fix it myself as I don’t feel confident enough to take it apart. Didn’t want to go for a refund as I was excited to get going with the 301! The acrylic is fixable with glue as you say but the screen on the PCB would still be bent back. Not sure how it could be fixed, or if the part needs replacing? When I press the buttons the screen goes backwards more so I havent been able to use the module yet @odevices do you have any advice on this please?

I hope the package was somehow insured. Check with your credit card provider as well (if you paid for it using a CC) because they usually provide coverage if the product got damage during shipping. Paypal does provide coverage too. Hope you can get that module back to normal.

Did the seller not double box it?

Oh thanks I will check with card provider! I got in touch with the UK parcel company who delivered it to me (it came from EU with La Poste) and they said that the contract is with him as the sender so he’d have to file a claim but La Poste were so bad, I waited a month for the parcel and had to keep chasing it, it’s just been a nightmare. It came in a doepfer box in a cardboard box the postal company did say that boxes are stacked so its possible it could have been squashed. Don’t really know where to go from here, cheers for your help @proghead

I assume Brian will be able to help, but just in case: I have a spare OF faceplate lying around (I got the PC version after a while, so I don’t need it anymore). If it’d help, I could send it to you for whatever the price of shipping is (I’m in Germany).

Here it is:

Thank you so much @x2mirko that’s very kind of you. There are good people out there after all, this community is great! Will message you. Yeah hopefully Brian can help in relation to the damaged screen

If you want to send it to me for repair then please PM me for details.

Thanks @odevices have PM’d you