Er301 gives out cv, how is that possible?

ouh, i just realised that i can clock my voltage block with my er301…
just tried it out, a saw wave into a channel, and the output of this channel into the voltage block.
voltage block recognise the incoming signal as clock signals.
i can also turn the voltage block to cv, (the VB is cv adressable) so it sees the incoming saw as cv.
the only downside is that the slower the osc is, the less voltage it does have…
but for clock dutys its just fine!

how can this work? i thought the outputs are ac coupled, so this should not be possible…?

anyhow, i´m happy, no clock module in my 60hp case needed than:-)

The output range is still above the voltage threshold!

You can use the outputs for ‘dumb’ events like this, but you can’t use them for things like pitch CV - at least not and expect it to work anyway :wink:


They do indeed block DC signals but as long as a signal moves fast enough from one value to another (e.g. it is effectively ac) it can be used, sort of. In the sense that a sudden change in dc would be audible but the held values obviously can’t be used.

My understanding of AC coupling is that effectively the signal is high pass filtered by a very low frequency high pass filter, so the closer the signal gets to 0Hz (e.g. a direct current) the less likely it is to make it through.

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And try with a velvet noise and you have a random clock !
I use it to clock my nerdseq