ER301 IN3 issue

Bought my ER301 new from the website Jun 21. Been working fine up until recently I noticed very bad noise on IN3 (which renders that input unusable). Tried different case (& PSU) but the problem is there all the time. Not sure what the deal is with support so I thought I’d ask here first if anyone has any experience with anything like this?
I’ve monitored the noise and it’s not a constant level or freq. I’ve also tried patching an input source into it (which works but the noise is still there with the signal). There’s no visible damage or anything to the board as far as I can tell and it’s never crashed or done anything like that. All other functions seem to be ok, and all other inputs and outputs are working fine.
Can anyone help?

Probably best to contact @odevices directly via Email. Could be a Hardware issue. EDIT: Maybe one thing you could check before reaching out to Brian. Are all inputs set to the same input preamp level in the admin section?

Thanks, yeah that sounds like the best course of action.
I’ve checked the preamp settings and they’re all set to modular level. Incidentally changing input3’s settings doesn’t appear to change the level of the noise but it looks like there’s some weird DC level offset as the levels are increased from modular to line level. Anyway I will contact Brian.

Quick update. I moved a couple of modules around and swapped some out and lo and behold it’s somehow fixed itself. Same case, different day. So chalk it up to just one of those things.