ER301 input distortion

I’m having an issue with my ER301, which is likely user error, but haven’t been able to solve it.

I’m patching Mangrove -> Clouds -> ER301. If I patch directly out of clouds to my mixer, it sounds as expected, but when I patch clouds to the ER301 (input directly to output, no units in between) and the ER301 to the mixer, I get a bitcrushed, distorted, barely audible sound from the output.

If I patch Mangrove directly to the ER301 (bypassing clouds), it sounds as expected again. The problem only seems to happen when I patch clouds into the 301, and I’ve tried using both IN and Ax inputs with the same result.

Here’s a little video demonstrating the issue - apologies in advance for the poor audio quality, you might need to turn up the volume to hear the output from the 301.

Any ideas what is going on here?

Maybe worth trying out the low-hanging fruit type solutions first – is the red stackable cable broken? :slight_smile:

Other than that, no immediate solution comes to mind, especially if Mangrove -> 301 works as expected.

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Thanks - yeah I tried a variety of cables and routing options before bothering to type up a post :grin:

Yeah, didn’t really assume that was the case… But hey, would’ve won me some good karma to solve it in one swift post :smiley:

Second obvious thing, have you started with a fresh boot and a blank slate?

and third… if that doesn’t work try channel 3 or 4, iirc channels 1 & 2 / 3 & 4 are paired at a hardware level - I could be wrong on that though - my brain is a bit fuzzy!

Yeah, it’s reproducible across reboots. I tried using mono, stereo, 48khz and 96khz firmwares.

I also did some more experimenting, and I think the problem is happening with any input, not just clouds (I thought mangrove sounded OK but upon closer examination I was wrong). I’m going to put the 301 in a different case this afternoon and see if the power supply is somehow the cause. I’ve had the 301 for awhile but have just been using it for sample duties, this is the first time I’ve tried using the inputs for other audio signals.

Awesome, that was going to be my next suggestion, sounds like you are on it!

Hope it is ok, but if not I know @odevices will be quick to sort you out.

Does the same thing happen if you use a CV input instead of an IN1-4 ?

Yeah first post, it’s already been tried!!

whoops my bad! I meant to say Gate

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OK, I think I see the issue - I patched a sine oscillator in and the scope shows that the signal is rectified:

No idea why though!

Same issue patching into a Gate input

Erk, yeah that doesn’t look right!

Have you tried reinstalling the firmware?

I tried switching between the 48khz and 96khz firmware, does that count?

Yeah, I guess… but maybe you found a bug and it’s got stuck - not sure if that is possible, but it’s a thought!

Which version are you running?

I was on 2.18, but I just updated to 2.25 with the same result.

Urgh, can’t think of anything else, sounds like a hardware issue I guess :worried:

Anyone else any bright ideas?

OK, I figured this out. I was using a dodgy extension cable for my uZeus wall warts. I plugged them directly into the wall and now I’m getting a non-rectified signal! You learn something new everyday…


Excellent - glad you got it sorted and it wasn’t the ER-301 :smiley: