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ER301 rig pics!


Hi Brian!

Just testing a post. Here’s my initial 301 arrival! :smiley:

What do you use all these triggers for?

My unboxing photo.


I wish I would’ve used a better camera to capture the moment.


Here’s mine before I peeled open the bubble wrap.


So I wanted to make a box for my Rene as I can’t afford to give up the precious HP in my portable case and I was about to go and buy the wood when I remembered the box that my 301 came in, and lo and behold it is the perfect width!


nice home for Rene. Whats that Fader ?



That’s a really great looking keyboard would you mind telling what brand it is?


sure! they are awesome. it is a custom design from wasd: http://www.wasdkeyboards.com


So cool! Got to get one of those thanks for the link :+1:


Oh!!! That looks clunkily awesome! All these new keyboards are so soft and squishy!


Its a great low cost fader made here in Japan

I often use it with an offset to control the 301.



My in-flight entertainment system.


Awesome! Wait… is that system battery powered?


No. It’s plugged in. You can see the plug in the upper right


What’s that controller that looks like the front of my stove?? Pretty! :slight_smile:


that is a monome arc


Yup. Monome Arc. It pairs with their Ansible module.


Haha yes oh yes now I see it. So much power in such a small space! Gotta love monome those arcs are so beautiful!