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ER301 rig pics!


Here is my 7U case which is where I have my ER301


Always like teh bokeh - 80mm?


50mm :slight_smile:


Hehe close, but no cigar!! Got to love those fixed length lenses, I have a nice fast 50mm too, I should dig it out and take some proper photos!


I thought you guys were talking about his eurorack cases and how deep they are.



Next iteration of my tiny “power” case;


Congrats on getting a Telex set!


Nice patch!

(sorry :smiley: )


What can I say, I like minimal.


Because it is a new year, I’ve changed my mind yet again.

The 6u on top can be seperated but I don’t see myself ever doing that.

I was dead set on just having a 12U, but then as I sat and stewed on it for a while, I just couldn’t stand the modules not being used downstairs to be sold for a half of what I spent on them. It also occured to me that as a 15U the top 6U is a separable 9 voice synth and all analog (Well the envelopes if used are digital but the signal stream is all analog). I don’t see myself every doing that, but who knows.

So far I’ve been putting that new satellite to use up there modulating the evolution filter and it has been pretty awesome just filtering clouds after the oscillators are fed from the VCA into it. (This by the way isn’t patched up in the picture above.)

Edit: cleaning up my own indecisiveness.


here is my live case for my recent japan tour…


Those faders…





Here’s what I get down with.


@DarkBarn How are you finding the WMD mixer?
I am again considering ditching my external mixer (AH), and going all euro mixer. Since all I am mixing anyway is modular signals, it makes sense to get all under cv control. Not a cheap idea, but very tempting.


Wow! It seems you’re a fan of the Shapeshifter? Probably getting one soon…


What you see in the photo is almost the entirety of my music area, I have a laptop and recording interface off to the right side not shown. I really don’t even have room for an outboard mixer. The WMD performance mixer is indeed great but on the other hand I would have to resort to some other form of in the rack mixing if I didn’t have it. When my system was smaller I used an Intellijel Linix as my mixer…

And @josker I really do like the Shapeshifter! Particularly the FM, and Mod B destinations it has. I admit I haven’t tried any other ready-made ‘complex’ oscillator set ups, but from day one that I got the Shapeshifter I was very happy with it.


Thank you for your feedback.
Do you have any noise issues with it?


No, the sound is very clean if you stay under the clipping threshold. My one and only complaint is that the center detents for panning are very slightly off from dead center on a few channels, I wish there were trimmers for this somewhere. Maybe I should ask WMD about it.


Yeah - I have to admit, I used to have one. Now that I’ve seen more of what Euro has to offer I’m pretty convinced I want it back :slight_smile: