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ER301 rig pics!


First gig for 2018 next week with this iteration:


Nice rig! Similar to mine :slight_smile: I’m a bit more digital. can I ask, what do you sequence with? Or all in this case?


Planning to have some fun with this in 2018…


Awesome :+1: For this gig I’ll just be using this case, no externals



nice one


Finally got a stable stand for this:


Another shuffle round, managed to get the two cases next to each other


This is the rack i just made. Should be a lot of fun. I’ll probably ditch the Meadowphysics and replace it by VCAs.


I see a lot of people feature Grids, but for all my research, I still haven’t got to the bottom of its capabilities with Ansible. Apparently at best it’s a 4 track sequencer – but can’t really figure out if it would be comprehensive enough for say, a live gig, as a master sequencer. :slight_smile:


In Kria mode (which is the 4 track sequencer), you have 16 patterns, each of which contains 4 tracks of 16 steps each with different pages for trigger, note (in programmable scales with several presets), octaves and duration (i.e. how long the sequence stays on that step. The tracks all follow the same clock, but are independent of one another. Even the pages can be set to be independent of one another (i.e. you can set different lengths for the sequence in each page - if you don’t mind it getting rather complex), so there’s a whole lot of sequencing in there. But to me, the two most important things about Kria are that a) it’s incredibly intuitive and fun to play (which I can’t say about many eurorack sequencers with similar capabilities) and b) you can sequence the different patterns easily, which is also something that nearly no other eurorack sequencer can do with similar ease. n-So made a wonderful video about it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZWBXLsbxWlw


Thanks so much! I’ll dive right in with the video.


Finally I made it on this list I’ve been ogling for months now


It’s awesome.


I’m still waiting for my CPU to come back…talk about jealousy. I can’t wait to start having my Teletype talk to the ER-301!!!


FWIW, Kria and Grids changed the way that I approached sequencing in modular. Ansible is perfect for a small system but I was using Kria on a White Whale originally. Its difficult to imagine something you can’t do with it - besides maybe complete randomness but even then there are smaller, cheaper ways to go for that. And you can totally do pseudo-random in meta mode. I sequence everything with it - drums, melodies, chords, and all. The nice thing is you only need one Grids - you could have another Ansible or any other Monome module running at the same time and hotswap the Grids between them as they will keep running without it.


Wow, that does sound really great. Can I ask, do you have multiple ansible or other modules?


I have an Ansible, White Whale, Meadowphysics, and Earthsea. I would invite you to poke your head into llllllll.co and look around. Orthogonal and Monome go together like peas and carrots.


I can vouch for what @bradfromraleigh is saying. I also use Ansible in Kria mode on almost everything I do, it’s my main sequencer. I have two Ansibles in my case… it’s an amazingly powerful combination. 2 Krias gives you 8 independent channels. But Meadowphysics is also wonderful and uses the Grid in an entirely different way.

Keep in mind Ansible also has two modes for use with the Arc, which are also great, and it works as a MIDI-CV module as well.

Now with Grid supported on Teletype, you can basically roll your own sequencer or control surface in any way that you want.

My current Monome setup is Grid, Arc, Ansible x2, and Earthsea.


ER-301 arrived yesterday and I’m stoked! What a beautiful thing it is too … from the box to the panel, UI, encoder, circuit board etc.
I only had a couple of hours with it last night but I managed to get it connected with Teletype, create a few chains and have a blast. Looking forward to getting off work to play some more.