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ER301 rig pics!


Got my ER 301 racked and used it extensively in a set last night in Bedford Virginia at an art gallery. Incredible module, and I’m excited to see where it will take me musically in the future.


That’s a lot of power in a very small space @apeirophobe - good work!!


Nothing patched at the moment but just rearranged/downsized a bit.


I put together this little skiff for travel (mostly to the couch downstairs where I can learn the ER in the evenings)


I’ve noticed that quite a few people leave the blue shipping film on their displays. Why is that?

– the curious manufacturer :eyes:


protecting your babies :slight_smile:


But the display contrast suffers greatly!


I think it’s because the blue frame of the protective film goes so nicely with the blue buttons :smiley:


@scott.lepore, where do you plug your headphones in?


Actually I liked it better as my eyes feel a bit blinded by the screen now where I removed the foil. I feel the same with teletype so it might be just me and my old eyes but I wonder if there is a way to reduce the brightness a bit.


Actually I can expose display brightness in the UI in a future release if you like.


Great - a preference setting would be very nice!


I find it enjoyable to remove this kind of protective film :crazy_face:


But what about evil patch cables breaking loose and threatening the precious displays? Has anyone tried to apply one of those smartphone films?



I think the outer glass would be part of the front panel? -> the glass scratches catastrophically, just get a new panel?


Here I’ve connected them to Out 1. As per @Joe 's suggestion, I’ve added a limiter to my default Quicksave to attenuate the output level for the headphones.

I run the OP-1’s USB MIDI into ansible to get gate and CV into the o_C and ER. The OP also acts as a sound source and recorder for the ER.


I can’t really explain it. Maybe it’s as Neil suggests - to protect it. Maybe it’s the “new car smell” that I don’t want to lose. I find the display contrast more than acceptable.


Ha good question. I was feeling a little overprotective mainly because it’s still so new to me; It will most likely come off soon though.


I need to make an adapter, dual mono male minijack to stereo female minijack, and I’ve saved a module for my portable setup! Nice! Thanks!


I’ve looked for these before, they don’t seem to exist - which is kinda weird!

There’s female stereo minijack to 2 mono phono plugs or to 2 1/4" mono jack plugs, but no 1/8" mono jack plugs.

Anyone know of anything that fits the bill anywhere?