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ER301 rig pics!


It’s a 5 minutes job anyway. :slight_smile:
I’ve made a dual mono minijack to rca cable a couple of years ago, and I think it’s my most used cable EVAR.


Very true! :star_struck:

Got any recommendations for cable and jacks?


Nope! I’m lucky they have the connectors at the store, whatever brand they might be :wink:


Yeah fair enough!



Airline adaptors are dual mono 3.5 to stereo female 3.5. I haven’t tried 'em, but from memory they’re about the size of the gap between two ER-301 outputs.

Edit: tried it, close, but no cigar.


Stillson Hammer (4track sequencing) is perfect for the er301. Still waiting for the tubbutec 2hp extention for the mircrotune so i can do 4 track microtonal sequencing.


I have no experience w the Stillson Hammer, but I seem to recall @kel sharing a similar affinity for the SH/301 combo?


I am very biased towards all the harvestman modules - I have an almost full case of the things :smiley:

Stillson Hammer is the fastest sequencer I have ever used, super intuitive, really easy to explore large spaces very quickly, and the fine tuning is there when you need to tweak a sequence into compliance. I love mine. WOuldn’t want to be without the ER-101/2 as well though :wink:


I got the stillson after watching this video from Oren Levy and my world went open, even having worked with elektron sequencers, im enjoying this one so much.


I chatted to Scott about this, he is a fan of the Elektrons too and was inspired by them when creating the SHmk][



I want to like the Stillson, but simple cv and gate out per track is just the constant hold back for most of the compelling sequencers out their today.



I tend to use the SH as a one voice sequencer a lot, one track for gate and pitch, a second track as modulator for the pitch on the first and the other tracks for modulation and other timed triggers.

It’s freakin awesome when you do this :wink:



Now THAT is what you call a good set. I hope they recover soon. :sweat_smile:




(Full kit for the ‘3600 cuts’ performance)


What stand are you using for your rack?

And can you tell us more about the mixer/faders on the right?


You know, I really should have retaken that picture with better lighting.

I’m using a very cheap guitar stand that seems to be completely wrong for all my guitars but perfect for my modular case. I’ll see if I can locate a link.

EDIT: here’s the link but it’s unavailable: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01CZP01GU/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_uBMHAb4NJB75J

If memory serves, it was about $12. Do not put guitars on it - you’ve been warned.

The faders are my old 424 4-track that I’m wanting to use more. Right now, everything goes into an ADA8200 and on to my Apollo Twin which seems to work just fine but I’m not a huge fan of going in and out of my computer to setup audio.


Wow :exploding_head:


My 301 finally showed up. Rebuilt my case to make some room for it in the lid:

Very excited to get in on the action!