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ER301 rig pics!


Interesting: never saw the ribbon cables crossing the case hinge like this!


Is that a Pulplogic LBZ42? I am using one with my 301 and was thinking of this exact setup to make use of the lid!


Seemed liked the logical way to get power to the other side. Just bought some 10pin and 16pin cable and took the connectors off the cables I had and made longer ones. I was thinking of doing it in a floating bus board style, but I wasn’t confident how that would work plugging into a mounted board.

You are correct, it is a Synthrotek Power Lunch case. I took out the rails it came with and used maker beams so the rails would run right to the edges. I had to route the inner walls slightly on the deeper half of the case to get to 48hp. The positioning of each module is not exactly what I had planned as far as efficiency or groups, but it’s what was required in order to close the lid, haha.

Not sure if the Clouds will stick around given the overlap with the ER-301 and I’m thinking of trading in the Peaks for something even more multipurpose like a Disting. Regardless, got to play with it all first to get a sene of what might be next. I really like the idea of adding 1U tiles for a foot pedal and an expression pedal.


home and travel rig, need to fit a teletype in there soon :thinking:


I get you but think hard about disting - its the most un-usable UI i have ever come across. Maybe mk4 is okay but seriously those guys no matter what they fit in 4HP have no concept of UI. Im normally a fan of bang per buck but less is more dude. I mean a binary representation on the mode you in … come on


The mk4 is much easier to operate, largely due to the screen/UI improvements. Also, it does almost everything.


See I think in the complete opposite. The nature of what distings can do is many things but usually very simplistic in use (lfo, envelope, etc.) and so not getting it because the UI is clunky just seems weak. YMMV. Because for the cost and the size there is nothing that competes. And I’ll be honest I don’t need a 12hp module that is just a fancy lfo when I can have 3 distings that do exponentially more.

I will agree there isn’t any UI wonderful expert sleepers module that I know of, but in the distings case considering it is a utility module, I think it is OK.

I do agree that UI is important… just not so much in simple things.



Yeah, from my perspective, if I’m choosing between multifunction modules with low hp the UI on Disting mk4 is easier to navigate than a Peaks with DMC. And I just read about how a Disting can also do MIDI-to-CV, which opens a bunch of options with my setup. :exploding_head:

Bigger issue is whether or not a Disting will even fit in my case in the first place, I’m worried it might be too deep (42mm!).


Agree ‘maybe’ with the disting mk4, but fo me - for one, you need the manual/ a computer nearby to google whats what so you can determine whats what, and set it to what you might want. Then you have to set the modes (and confirm) then you can use it.

If it sits in your system as a lfo only thats great or you only ever use it as a vca, fine. But if you change things up from time to time forget it . Maybe i need a better memory but really if you loot at it fresh its quite likely you have no idea what its doing. Its a mental unit - 76 algorithms in a 4hp space with near to zero UI

A huge triumph over logic at its best . Maybe the mk4 works i dont know, personal preference at end of the day


Honestly, if I wasn’t getting an SSP, I would have already ordered at least 2 more 301s. As it is once specs are announced for the CPU upgrade, I just might do it anyway.



I love having two ER-301, it’s perfect for me!

Double IO. double CPU, double screens - what’s not to like :smiley:


Here’s my current rig (taken during my trip to Portland, OR)


Caught an (almost) unpatched moment.

EDIT: du-seq is not mine, and telharmonic is missing (did a temp swap with a friend). also out of frame is the tascam 464 that is kind of integral part of everything.



Just finished my DIY portable case!

ER-301 Micro systems

Looks great! I assume the 1hp sides on both ends are for ventilation?

Doesn’t look very DIY to me. (That is meant as a compliment!)



Haha, that comment about the 1HP gaps makes me feel so much better! That’s exactly what I will tell myself it is from now on. In reality, the gaps are caused my the silly mistake of putting the screws of the rails on the inside of the case. I thought it looked so much better, and it does. But it wasn’t until I put it all together that I noticed it’s impossible to fit the modules to the sides of the case :confounded: So yeah: ventilation. Brilliant!



When I built the military grade eurorack cases I went through the same thing, I highly recommend making a bevel for the screws to sit in!


Love this case !
I’m waiting for an synthrotek lunchbox
44hp for my er-301 and an Mxmxmx Temps Utile
And of course some 1u tiles !


Yeah I wonder how I can fix this. I actually went as far as hiding the screws on the outside with wood filler, sanding it down and painting over it with this structure lacquer finish. So it’s absolutely invisible and totally unreachable, haha. Maybe I will just go for the ventilation story.