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ER301 rig pics!


This is what you are going for, just imagine that the top piece of wood is your metal frame :slight_smile:

I call these flat head screws.

p.s. I forgot to say - it looks great!! :smiley:


Thanks :slight_smile:

So, yeah. I did it the other way around: the head of the screw is actually coming from the outside of the case and is bolted from the inside and that’s where the problems arise, obviously. I should have thought of it.


Hehe I see… well, live and learn :smiley:

It took me ages to get the specs right for the cases, very low tolerance precision engineered, really good fun, but waaaaaay more work than you would ever imagine, well, I guess you know now hey!

The best part is I know there are only 4 of them in the world, I have 2, they are super rare and indestructible!


in my second built i fixed this by going for a wider aluminium panel on the sides so i could put
the screws deeper into the case, i.e. deeper than skiff friendly modules.


Would love to see those cases, @kel. Did you share pictures somewhere here?


Sure, here’s the final product shots:

You could put whatever power you wanted in there, although they are rated IP56 so I wouldn’t drill a hole in the side!

They were very expensive to make, used the case system, but were individually hand made, the frame fitting was the biggest challenge, but they are solid! I am absolutely delighted with mine.

They are repairable should they ever get damaged, but I’d be amazed if they were ever broken, you would have to throw it out of a window high up or get it run over by a truck or something very silly!


p.s. I will do another run of these if there is interest, but… I don’t have the cash to produce them up front, there’s a MOQ of 5 and they are about £600 each - without power!

I haven’t found anything that comes close in terms of providing protection for your gear except hacking a deli case - but then that’s always going to be a compromise in terms of ergonomics and when I set out to do this I was very keen on the idea of raising the frame up out of the case slightly.

I would be one of the 5, I’d LOVE another one so if this can happen I would be very happy.

I am fairly certain that another person who got one of the first and only runs would have another too, so we’re probably looking to find 3 folk who are willing to front the cash for one. Turnaround would be 3-4 weeks.

edit: no one is ever interested, so I am not expecting anything, just making the offer again. To me it’s a tiny amount of cash to protect thousands of pounds worth of modules, I carry my modular around outside in all weather and it’s great to not have to worry, but I know it’s a lot to pay for what is essentially a 6U 104hp case. If you don’t need the protection, it’s total overkill!



the patch for a concert last friday.

every jack of the ER-301 utilised. would have needed more actually!

the shedding of the patch.

the venue between soundcheck, show.


@kves I see in your case you put 1u pulplogic and 1u intellijel
But I read on Muff forum these two modules are not compatible the 1u tile pulplogic is more larger than the intellijel…
Do you confirm this ?


well yes, the pulplogic tiles would not fit an intellijel standard 1U row, but the intellijel tiles will fit into a wider, pulplogic standard 1U space. and i’ve just used the lower mounting holes on them. plenty stable even so.


need to post my pics here, too:-) just finished my small rack. Its a moog 60hp case.
Too expensive for what it is, but its beautiful and its nice to have on your chest when sitting on a sofa. and great to take with you when on holiday. (i think… did not do this, yet.)
the best part is that the 4ms row power can be battery powered. and the battery seems to last a very long time… did not need to recharge it until now… more than 6 hours with ease. maybe days?



Is that battery power?


yes, thats the best part. i can sit on the couch for days with this battery:-)



What is it? And it just plugs directly into the Row 40?

Sorry for so many questions :blush:


you´re welcome! yes it plugs directly into the row power.
its an enegizer xp18000. All the cables with a lot of adapters are included.
i just had a look and am surprised that its still availible!
Its very old, (well, 3 years maybe?), so maybe there are cheaper ones…
but i still had it and it just works very nice with the row power.


i just had a second look, there are batterys now with more power for less money, and also with a lot of connectors…:slight_smile: so you can take anyone!


Nice one cheers- seems battery technology has come on in leaps and bounds!!

I’ve been thinking of a small ‘laptop’ system for a little while now and it would be rather nice to build a box with a battery built in!

The only thing I wouldn’t choose is the output module, a 2 x mono to stereo adapter would work fine for your headphones so long as you attenuated your mix. I suppose it’s handy having the very immediate volume control! Without that you could add a few more offsets to control the ER-301.


ah serious? have you tried that? i would think that the sound would not be so nice… a dedicated headphone amp should sound better, at least thats what i think…
impedance should match and so on…
but you have different experience?


I don’t do it no, but it should be fine - so long as you attenuate the signal first. I guess the risk is that you could damage your headphones because yes, there may be an impedance mismatch. It will depend a lot on your headphones - they do vary a lot.

Can’t quite make out what yours are from the photo, are they Sennheiser?

edit: not sure I have been clear enough, I need to stress that you should attenuate the output signals, don’t listen at full blast coming from your modular - that’s a sure way to damage your hearing!