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ER301 rig pics!


This is what you are going for, just imagine that the top piece of wood is your metal frame :slight_smile:

I call these flat head screws.

p.s. I forgot to say - it looks great!! :smiley:


Thanks :slight_smile:

So, yeah. I did it the other way around: the head of the screw is actually coming from the outside of the case and is bolted from the inside and that’s where the problems arise, obviously. I should have thought of it.


Hehe I see… well, live and learn :smiley:

It took me ages to get the specs right for the cases, very low tolerance precision engineered, really good fun, but waaaaaay more work than you would ever imagine, well, I guess you know now hey!

The best part is I know there are only 4 of them in the world, I have 2, they are super rare and indestructible!


in my second built i fixed this by going for a wider aluminium panel on the sides so i could put
the screws deeper into the case, i.e. deeper than skiff friendly modules.


Would love to see those cases, @kel. Did you share pictures somewhere here?


Sure, here’s the final product shots:

You could put whatever power you wanted in there, although they are rated IP56 so I wouldn’t drill a hole in the side!

They were very expensive to make, used the case system, but were individually hand made, the frame fitting was the biggest challenge, but they are solid! I am absolutely delighted with mine.

They are repairable should they ever get damaged, but I’d be amazed if they were ever broken, you would have to throw it out of a window high up or get it run over by a truck or something very silly!


p.s. I will do another run of these if there is interest, but… I don’t have the cash to produce them up front, there’s a MOQ of 5 and they are about £600 each - without power!

I haven’t found anything that comes close in terms of providing protection for your gear except hacking a deli case - but then that’s always going to be a compromise in terms of ergonomics and when I set out to do this I was very keen on the idea of raising the frame up out of the case slightly.

I would be one of the 5, I’d LOVE another one so if this can happen I would be very happy.

I am fairly certain that another person who got one of the first and only runs would have another too, so we’re probably looking to find 3 folk who are willing to front the cash for one. Turnaround would be 3-4 weeks.

edit: no one is ever interested, so I am not expecting anything, just making the offer again. To me it’s a tiny amount of cash to protect thousands of pounds worth of modules, I carry my modular around outside in all weather and it’s great to not have to worry, but I know it’s a lot to pay for what is essentially a 6U 104hp case. If you don’t need the protection, it’s total overkill!



the patch for a concert last friday.

every jack of the ER-301 utilised. would have needed more actually!

the shedding of the patch.

the venue between soundcheck, show.


@kves I see in your case you put 1u pulplogic and 1u intellijel
But I read on Muff forum these two modules are not compatible the 1u tile pulplogic is more larger than the intellijel…
Do you confirm this ?


well yes, the pulplogic tiles would not fit an intellijel standard 1U row, but the intellijel tiles will fit into a wider, pulplogic standard 1U space. and i’ve just used the lower mounting holes on them. plenty stable even so.