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ER301 rig pics!


i have several headphones… the sennheiser hd25 will get most use with this case.
in other cases i like to use the hd800.

a headphone amplifier makes a lot with the sound… don´t know how it is with such eurorackmodules, but having different headphone amplifiers do a lot to the sound!
a bad one can really mudden the sound…

however, the pico will stay, its really convinient like this:-)


Pretty sure the HD25s will be absolutely fine - those things are built like tanks!

It should sound great coming directly from the ER-301 :wink:

Well, anyway, you must do what makes you feel comfortable and happy, was just a thought!


Ladytron is finally complete!

Doing some testing and development still but I look forward to sharing what she is capable of soon!


Looks awesome!!

I’d want the black trinity all together :smiley: any reason you’ve put them separate like that?


Long wait! Looks good in that long empty space. I’m very interested to hear your perspectives.


so awesome. i have a 42hp lunchbox on the way that will hold the 301 and varigate 4+. very excited to focus on that for a while.


+1 on this. Intellijel tiles work just fine with only one side mounted.


the pain in my ass.


solid Orthagonal Devices representation there! That’s a powerful bottom row :wink:


Function over Form I suppose. I’m right there with you on that though. Just workflow is much better this way.


The SSP looms over all…



Nice Eastwick alpha and fun looking synth you got there!



Shot this quick photo last night, just as I was moving stuff around in my Monorocket to make room for my new ER-301. (Yay!) This evening I put my electric guitar through it and I fiddled with some ER-301 tools for the very first time, like some of the delays, including the clocked one, which I was sending various triggers to from my Trigger Man.

Right now I’ve got a small batch of modules I’m likely to sell that I excised to make room for the ER-301 (an ADSR, a Quantum noise, an S&H, a Synthrotek Eko, and a 2HP filt). I’m not sure how long I’ll be holding on to my Radio Music or my UL1 looper, given what the 301 can do, but I’m taking it a step at a time. I wanna try out some custom units soon, like the Trash Tape and the Ultraviolent Granular. Anyhow, excited to get started.


Cheers! I started with the 3U then added the 6U after.


Same actually, but then got another 3U and then a 6U. Only to slim back down and stick to a 12U that I eventually want to downsize even more.

I love the alpha cases. The design really strikes a chord with me.


My holiday rig. Looking for a power cable long enough to do some garden wiggling in the Dordogne.


really really enjoying this setup. feels like i can focus on the 301 much more now. i’m excited to add some offset/attenuator tiles.


Beautiful lunchbox !


thanks! i was skeptical at first, but once i had it set up it proved it’s worth. now it gets parked in front of the 6u when it wants more food.