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ER301 rig pics!


I have a lunchbox too ! Which 1u you want/think in your case ?
I put pulplogic :slight_smile:
2 v-noise
2 att/off
And 2 fsr


i have two att-off to pick up from the post office on monday. after using this setup for a while, i’d love to get another modulator in there but nothing is quite up to spec or size. the Cyclic Slew was closest and it’s a really smart circuit but i don’t want two. a 1u 6 or 12hp traditional lfo with cv in and sync would be excellent.


Syinsi Lfo and foxfield Lfo


no cv on either, sadlly. i’ve found nothing after searching and will likely add more offsets.


Oh yes…
May be you can mod it ! Ask them ?


My lunchbox !





Thanks !
Behind the scene !.


I almost always take it off immediately as a new owner’s ritual. :heart_eyes:


My new travel case, using the Make Noise 7U case that recently launched. I take this on business trips over 5 days. Looking to move stuff around to accommodate my new ADDAC 304 Manual Gates…


Dense and ever-changing, but the ER-301 remains :slight_smile:


is that the dual tube vca from trogotronic? that’s the only module i still have some gas for :smiley:


Yup, sure is. Love it.


How do you like your TG2, are you using it for audio as well as LFO duties?


I like it a lot. I got the whole set.:grinning: I usually use the TG2 as a modulator, and often at audio rate. Not so much as an audio source though it can track 1v/oct and the wavefolder sounds very nice.

The whole set provides many options for adding odd dirt and grit.


My set (minus the preamp, not sure I’m ready to learn guitar) arrived yesterday, and dirt and grit is exactly what I had in mind for it. I think it’s going to take a little bit for me to find the sweet spots but it’s already ticking those boxes. :smile:

It’d be nice if you could run external audio through the TG2 wavefolder, but that’s a minor complaint when the filter and modulator can already get things sounding so gnarly.


Here’s my live-rig I’m working on… Looking to built some sort of teletype - preset-bus (disting, gatestorm, voltage block) interop adapter and control it all using grid w. teletype


Yay, I’m stoked about my recent ER-301 centric downsize! I took some valuable advice from the micro-systems thread ER-301 Micro systems and added a 1U row for utilities +. Shuttle control for both midi and power. Feels pretty tight.


For sure! Almost there! Looks like a really compelling setup as well!