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ER301 rig pics!


Is Shuttle Control enough to power all this ? If so that’s pretty impressive ! Very nice small system. I just ordered a Intellijel 4U that I will use as a control skiff for my 7u but that will also be used as small standalone system when I’m away from home. Now to wait on the next batch of 301 since I missed them yesterday :slight_smile:


Yes, Shuttle control is powering it all, and a Squarp Pyramid sequencer on top of it! I’m still in bounds of the power specs but it’s close.


Looking good @Bparticle

Shuttle Control is a great all in one solution for midi to cv and powering a small case! I’ve successfully run two rows at 84hp from it, just watch it doesn’t start getting warm, or hot even!

What are you going to fill those gaps with?


A 6U 84HP, that’s a lot! Good to know I still have some room for expansion :slightly_smiling_face:. The gaps, no idea. I have an Ornament&crime still under construction that might replace another module. The passive 1U jacks will probably move to the back of the case so I have more space still there. Any other suggestions?


Intellijel has a 1U step sequencer coming out soon, I think. Not sure if you have enough HP left in your 1U row. It looked pretty interesting though.


Of course the 84hp depends wholly on the power draw of modules - some modules are hungrier than others!!

2hp Reverb? I don’t have one, but they sound good, it’s the one thing the ER-301 doesn’t really do - well, it does a bit, but obviously it’s computationally expensive so it makes sense to do it externally.


That VPME/Intellijel scope could be quite useful as well! The VPME guy stopped by the SSP table as well and was talking to us about latency. Real cool guy. Happy to see him partnering with Intellijel.


Yeah I saw that! I like the scope too. I’m moving the jacks to the back though so that will give me some 1U extra space. I have the digiverb already in there by the way @kel and I kind of like it.


Oh, yeah, I hadn’t spotted that - oops!


I think the digiverb sounds good too-- really wish it was stereo! Don’t have the space in my 1u row to do two, so I was just eyeing the 2hp Verb.


Yeah should be so stereo!!


The scope does indeed look great. Given the “micro” nature of @Bparticle’s system and that it already contains an ER-301 with some pretty extensive scoping capability, I thought the sequencer might be less redundant. :slight_smile:


I recently put the 2hp verb in in my Intellijel 4u as well. I think it sounds pretty great for the size/price. The digiverb has to go though so I can make room for that new Intellijel 1u sequencer.
I have another 12u of modules that has been gathering dust since I put together my 4u centered around the ER-301! I do use it as a ‘pool’ though for a couple of slots in the 4u that I am constantly swapping out, Mostly oscillators/sound sources.


Oh yeah, totally agree for Bparticle’s rack. I was commenting more in a general ghee whiz kind of way rather than a suggestion for him.

The sequencer was nifty as well.


Good suggestion, and an interesting addition to the Intellijel 1U offer. It’s outboard but my Squarp Pyramid does give me all the sequencing I will ever need and more, and I also plan to add a small side-skiff with my TSNM for manual playing and small sequencing duties. I’m getting super excited about this mini-skiff idea by the way :stuck_out_tongue: Hooking up a collection of small systems that compliment each other, and just bringing to the table what you need in the moment as a means to focus. I was so unproductive on a big rack stuffed with random modules. That’s a personal thing of course.


I concur, been doing this for quite some time now, although with 2 rows at 104hp rather than the mini skiff. I generally work in one or two cases. It’s great for focus.


I’ve seen many a great video snippets from this rig over instagram. Love your stuff man, sounds awesome!

Ypsi Kid


Man that looks like so much fun!


Can you (or anyone) share a bit of you’re experience with the two (or one) performance mixers?

Do you use any external mixer still? How is for example lack of EQ per channel affecting your work flow? Is the sound quality on par with external boards? Better/worse? Do you encounter noise issues?..

I have a lot of questions, and am carefully weigh my options whether it would make sense to go with mixing entirely into a euro environment vs. working with external board (I have been using A&H mixer for years now), especially in live setting…

Thank you for any feedback you might want to offer.


It took some time for me to make the jump to the PM mainly due to the $$ and space it takes up. After some time with it I would say it is really worth it if you have the space. It is made very well, sounds great, and IMO is very capable even without any of the expanders that are available. No EQ has not been an issue for me as I personally don’t use it that much and there have been no issues with any noise coming from the mixer.