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ER301 rig pics!


Thank you for the feedback. I do seem to have the space, so my concerns are mainly with the quality. It’s not cheap (would cost more than the A&H board), and I would be trading some functionality (like the eq, or built in fx) for the CV ability of the PM etc.
By the way, when muting the channels with gates, are the mutes clicks or not?


No problem and no issues on quality of the module. Where did you see you can mute the channels with gates? If so I was not aware for the functionality?


i think @laborcamp refers to using gates instead of cvs to control levels but i might be wrong


It’s a solid module (I have sn #1 from knobcon with the expanders!).

The only ‘cons’ of the PM module (for me anyway):

#1 - Aux 1 and 2 returns are mono
(however, I use the stereo inputs on the expander as stereo returns so problem solved). Added bonus is you can feed the return back through the aux for some controlled feedback loops

#2 - Aux 1 and 2 assign limitation
You can have a channel assigned to feed 1, 2 or none. Unlike a traditional console or the intelijel dub mix where you have multiple sends per channel simultaneously.

Things I love:
-as I’m using the PM in studio situation so I’m using the cue functionality in a different way. I have the cue out patched to my DATA scope … so you can quickly tune an oscillator or see what’s going on on the spectrum analyzer by activating cue on 1 or more channels. VERY handy!

-If you decide to use multiple PM’s (or other stereo mixers), you can chain the output into the L/R mix in so you have a final single L/R output out the ‘master’ PM’s outputs.

-the master stereo insert is very handy for sweetening FX or a stereo compressor

-each mono input as an A and B input allows you to choose A, B or SUM A+B as a source… which is awesome for stacking sounds.

I use a bunch of Ladik EQ5 modules for some basic tone control.

I guess it depends on what you want to do. I wanted to keep everything in modular land instead of having an outside console. If you don’t care about CV, for the same money as the PM and expanders, you can get a fully featured console… . so it’s really a personal preference.


Ok, got it now and will give this a try with my neònach controller and report back.


This was my live rig for the recent Bangkok powwow livestream


I mix on the modular but always take that to a small external mixer before the main house mixer. Its for eq but really it is to have better control over what I’m sending to the house mixer as some of those guys can be hit/miss and not always care about levels and the sound. I don’t like leaving that to someone that sometimes goes AWOL during a performance. I watched a house engineer totally ruin a Sarah Davachi performance as he couldn’t deal with the feedback loops (i was stood behind him) and he kept going missing during the performance whilst everything was clipping. I also use a few guitar pedals so it’s easier to patch those as sends on an external mixer also. Euro performance mixers I find take up too much room and if its not cv’able I don’t want it taking up all the space - so prefer to carry a proper seperate mixer and use small sub mixers inside the case. (I use a 3hp Malekko Mix4 mixer plus another 3 channels on the built-in ISMS case)


i have a few euro mixers or modules that also have that function (doepfer a-138/b, optomix, vca matrix) but i only use them as utility mixers. i can’t imagine doing my stuff without an external analog mixer. i have one for the studio (an old a&h gs3, 24 channels on 8 groups connected to a motu ultralite mk3 soundcard for multitracking) and one for gigs (soundcraft spirit folio sx). i can’t live without at least three proper aux sends per channel. so i can send stuff to reverb, delays, clouds or the 301 for sampling\looping\mangling.
i incorporate mixer gestures in both my production and live performances. an eurorack solution, even if proper and really advanced, will always be too small. i need those 100mm faders, those eqs and those aux sends under my fingers.


That was the only reason I bought Frap Tools CGM mixer instead. I still don’t understand why there are so few modular mixers with at least two independent Aux sends.


I’ve been eyeballing the Frap Tools mixer set for a long time, just trying to justify it. I love Frap Tools look, and I love the attention to detail.


I almost thought your keyboard was a Happy Hacker keyboard. Super keyboard not many know about. Expensive but great.



Just because I saw you were never answered directly, and in case you are still wondering, as the cases are awesome, it’s a Eastwick Alpha Case.



Two months ago I played with this setup & it was fun … er301 is in the middle (orange box) . Some ASR-sequencing stuff, noisy/sampler-scrambling middle section and hypnotic ending …



this was the live setup for my performance at the first-ever san diego modular on the spot this past sunday; melodic ambient and field recordings:

ER301, monome control modules + arc + grid, a single mangrove oscillator through three sisters filter, ADSR, a mixology channel for each 301 output, with clouds as its aux send. there were more fx send options on the outboard mixer to strymon delay + reverb pedals. the zoom H5 was only used to record the mixer output. the crowds and the other performers were interested in the 301 and monome stuff; they really liked how well they worked together. most of the sounds came from the 301; melodies, cut-up phrases, swells and drones, thick pads, and field recordings layered into each song.

i filmed an at-home version of the mots set a couple of days in advance, if you’re curious as to what it all sounds like.

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workstation ready



Future: a second 301 will replace several modules


i’m starting to think about a second 301 as well :smiley:


Yeah, it can do everything I’m currently doing with the modules I currently have, plus more! Just got my order confirmation last night :slight_smile:


Very tempted by the NerdSeq. You are obviously a fan! Now, if only it had i2c and could communicate with the 301 !!