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ER301 rig pics!


Neil, if you don’t know about Arc and Ansible, i’d strongly suggest to have a look here : http://monome.org


Dual 301 and friends - they will be flanked by two E370s whenever those arrive…


Funny that you’ve gone for the ER-301 and the Rossum products - serious digital workstation fu! I’m tempted, but so far resisting the Rossum modules, something doesn’t quite click with me, not sure what it is!


I hear you - it’s definitely a step in a new direction but after being heavily into Euro since 2007, I’m ready for it. I do love the immediacy of non-digital modules, but the relative “limitations” have always left me wanting. The Rossum stuff is top notch but it’s absolutely not for everyone - basically anyone that “just wants to have fun” is probably not gonna enjoy them too much - particularly the Control Forge, which is inherently complex.

Anyway this is like my 8th Euro case and I’ve basically started it with the intention of going largely digital - we’ll see how it pans out but I have high hopes!


Wow 4 control forge! So powerful, I had 1 but I ended up selling it, kinda regret it now as I didn’t give it enough time. I think I will end up with another one in the future.


WOW, would love to hear the sonic mayhem that will ensure when all of those are kicking off :smile:


It’s pretty nuts to have this level of modulation power. The crazy thing is that the system will also have 6 Satellite modules flanking either side of these. The plan is to post a series of performance videos (not just jams or short clips, but full songs) once the case is finished. I’m about halfway there and of course I’ll post anything relevant to the O|D modules here as well :slight_smile:



Really clean shot - and nice system!


Loving the case!! Who made that??


very nice!


Thanks, I make them. Here is its big brother for the deep modules.


Wonderful craftsmanship!


WOW!!! Amazing!

I would love a 7U version! I’ll send you a PM


:smile: so much to explore!


Gorgeous case!

Looks like a case that would hold a $2000 bottle of scotch! :slight_smile:


Nice! I ordered a E370 as well, hope I’m not kicking myself for not ordering two! How do you like the control forge(es)?


Those cases are gorgeous!


Nice one! Yeah, two was a bit of a leap but I think it will turn out to be the right choice. The CF modules are seriously awesome - most interesting/fun/complex/rewarding/flexible modulation source I’ve ever worked with!