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ER301 rig pics!


Just lovely! Is that a FAP tools case?

Do you know if the Zeus is able to be mouted to the side like a Row Power? That way you could reclaim another 4hp by mounting it coming out one of the wood ends. Would be real slick.



Yep it is one element of my Frap Tools Plus case. I believe the uZeus uses the rails for heat dissipation, I wouldn’t mount it on wood :grimacing:


Ahh, I’m thinking of the row power then. They are able to be mounted without the faceplate. You can cut holes in the wood and mount it from the back, for example. However, for heat dissapation, not really sure.


Started fresh the other day and it looked too nice so had to get a picture. Wish I pulled out my DSLR instead of my phone but next time!

This is my humble (albeit extremely capable) setup! Using the Keystep -> MPC 1000 -> CV OCD to sequence the euro, then sample back into the MPC for composing. And of course the rugged SP404sx for FX and quick sampling.

Here is a video of the setup running with help from a vibraphone!


Really cool video! :slight_smile:


Current state of things:


The Disting will probably be replaced by a Strymon AA1 but here’s my desktop rig



So my incredible ER-301 arrived and I am already over the moon with. Looks at bit out of place with all the DIY junk, but sounds amazing.


I really like this setup :+1:


Are you using a usb hub to have both the op1 and your controller wired to the fh1?


No, I’m not. Using a hub is possible with the FH-1 but in my case the OP-1 is connected to Hermod and is used to enter notes and play hardware synths not shown in this picture. Only a Novation Launchcontrol is connected to the FH-1 and its expander


I’ve made some setup changes that I really like despite the extra space it takes up:

I really feel like I’ve completed the instrument though. Need to get a rabid elephant module to replace the Poly but other than that she is finished.


How do you like the Percussa SSP?


It and the 301 are the reason it is the ultimate synth to me:

What I’ve found is that they really do compliment each other. I have never had a shortage of things for them to do.


Ahh ok thanks.


That’s a 3D printed me on the rig! Muahha!


Here is my current rig, which I completely rearranged when the 301 showed up a few weeks ago. Only thing missing is the Grendel Drone commander which is in a stand alone mini case, since I didn’t have a case deep enough for it when I purchased.


Some most lovely modules united. er301 - ansible+grid - just friends - three sisters. Now waiting for a - everywhere sold out - Intelliijel Quadratt for manual control.


What case is that? Looks ideal for a 301 centered system! Do you have a bigger case or do you keep it humble? :slight_smile: I personally love small systems and eventually want to focus on something that size (or smaller!)