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ER301 rig pics!


Me too
an er-301
A teletype(comming soon)
some 1u pulplogic (v-noise and attenuator)
And that’s all for me !


I guess ALM Busy Circuits was a little inspired for the “new” panel :smiley:
Perfect for those who have chosen the Nostalgia model.


Looks very slick! But personally I dont like the white words on grey(isch) panel. Its hard to read everything when you perform. Thats why I chose the peoples choice panel with my ER-301. But wow… it looks pretty eh!


The “case” is diy…60hp. It’s open at the bottom, on the back i’ve mounted the uzeus (which also functions as noise generator ehehe :face_with_raised_eyebrow:). Really the grid makes this work. Just friends is for envelopes, lfos sometimes sound and the three sisters for some analog filtering and also sweet sines. Often i run the 301 through the cocoquantus for delays and textural sampling > shaping with three sisters > back into 301. I ain’t need more atm, but yea i got 120 hp woth of modules just in case :slight_smile:


Here’s a pre-gig shot in Bangkok last Sunday supporting City (of Halcyon Veil label)

Here’s a Facebook livestream of the event - it’s not the best audio but gives you an idea - I start from 1 hr 33 mins -> 2 hr 25 mins https://www.facebook.com/decommunebkk/videos/1842413075814310/
Interestingly Gary Hall (4ms DLD) attended as he lives in Thailand also.

For anyone in Japan, I’ll be playing the Tokyo Festival of Modular on the 17th Nov


@mudlogger you don’t use I2c for communicate with TT & 301?


No, I use the er301 on 6 tracks but only one is driven by teletype - the last song in that set is Teletype/er301
I use some custom er301 patches as well as sliced loopers hand triggered by Earthsea.
I have a Teletype/Just Friends i2C link for playing 2 tracks.


Here’s Studio A, ready to rock.


That’s a lot of IME and i2c at work! Looks like a W/ would fit nicely next to the PH3.


That’s actually reserved for the IME Hertz Donut III (the SSF Propagate is just a placeholder).


just got a new MDLR case in, first time with a 1u row, DIGGING it.

there’s room on my desk to have the Deluge and Stargazer and i assume the Swarm (still at the post, grabbing tomorrow) in front of it. which. YES.


@behndy super slick case! Love the way Marbles and Morgasmatron look beside eachother. Like a swarm of knobs.

Finally bought a super solid Enclave case and love the way it looks and feels. Before this I was rocking a DIY wood case with a Doepfer power supply and even though it did me very well for my first year in modular, it was not solid enough to lug to all the shows I have lined up. That being said I’ve had an intense itch to downsize my entire rig to something more humble. For the most part I feel very spoiled to have this wonderful setup and wonder if my mind would feel more at ease with a smaller rig… Until then I sure as hell am going to enjoy what I’ve got!



Finally got the O|D family together! Took me a while :slight_smile: 301 is fresh from the owen (day 1) so happy!



Made some changes and have gotten a new piece of gear. She is complete.


Nice! Do you have the ROLI block keyboards connected to the euro rig? If so: what module are these interfacing with?
Interesting to see you using both: the Continuum, and ROLIs… Taken seems to be a superior product, no?


I connect both the continuum and roli into the fh-2. Both can also be plugged into the SSP, used internally, or routed out for external CV control.

The Continuum is superior in the MPE way. You just have far more control, but it is also not just a controller but an instrument. Where as the roli is just a controller. The roli is good though!

I got the roli first and was content. Then I tried a continuum at superbooth this year and I just knew it was the truth. Hahahaha. Im also interested in the linnstrument but have stayed away as it is geared to those familiar with stringed playing.


Thanks for the feedback.
I have been considering the ROLI + FH2
Seems like a workable scenario… (I have been trying to stay away from MIDI in my euro setup, but this might be the concession to make.)


301 arrival has completed my system and I am very stoked about it!!!


HAH…I’m looking at the image admiring your configuration and thinking this is a tight, reasonable setup when all of a sudden the two cases on its right pop in to view. Another one of us with problems. So what does the “whole” system look like?


LOL it’s true but the compact sensible setup is so that I can sell most of that other stuff lol it’s 12 u of 168hp about half full… :rofl::rofl::rofl: