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ER301 rig pics!


Me too
an er-301
A teletype(comming soon)
some 1u pulplogic (v-noise and attenuator)
And that’s all for me !


I guess ALM Busy Circuits was a little inspired for the “new” panel :smiley:
Perfect for those who have chosen the Nostalgia model.


Looks very slick! But personally I dont like the white words on grey(isch) panel. Its hard to read everything when you perform. Thats why I chose the peoples choice panel with my ER-301. But wow… it looks pretty eh!


The “case” is diy…60hp. It’s open at the bottom, on the back i’ve mounted the uzeus (which also functions as noise generator ehehe :face_with_raised_eyebrow:). Really the grid makes this work. Just friends is for envelopes, lfos sometimes sound and the three sisters for some analog filtering and also sweet sines. Often i run the 301 through the cocoquantus for delays and textural sampling > shaping with three sisters > back into 301. I ain’t need more atm, but yea i got 120 hp woth of modules just in case :slight_smile: