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ER301 rig pics!


Me too
an er-301
A teletype(comming soon)
some 1u pulplogic (v-noise and attenuator)
And that’s all for me !


I guess ALM Busy Circuits was a little inspired for the “new” panel :smiley:
Perfect for those who have chosen the Nostalgia model.


Looks very slick! But personally I dont like the white words on grey(isch) panel. Its hard to read everything when you perform. Thats why I chose the peoples choice panel with my ER-301. But wow… it looks pretty eh!


The “case” is diy…60hp. It’s open at the bottom, on the back i’ve mounted the uzeus (which also functions as noise generator ehehe :face_with_raised_eyebrow:). Really the grid makes this work. Just friends is for envelopes, lfos sometimes sound and the three sisters for some analog filtering and also sweet sines. Often i run the 301 through the cocoquantus for delays and textural sampling > shaping with three sisters > back into 301. I ain’t need more atm, but yea i got 120 hp woth of modules just in case :slight_smile:


Here’s a pre-gig shot in Bangkok last Sunday supporting City (of Halcyon Veil label)

Here’s a Facebook livestream of the event - it’s not the best audio but gives you an idea - I start from 1 hr 33 mins -> 2 hr 25 mins https://www.facebook.com/decommunebkk/videos/1842413075814310/
Interestingly Gary Hall (4ms DLD) attended as he lives in Thailand also.

For anyone in Japan, I’ll be playing the Tokyo Festival of Modular on the 17th Nov


@mudlogger you don’t use I2c for communicate with TT & 301?


No, I use the er301 on 6 tracks but only one is driven by teletype - the last song in that set is Teletype/er301
I use some custom er301 patches as well as sliced loopers hand triggered by Earthsea.
I have a Teletype/Just Friends i2C link for playing 2 tracks.


Here’s Studio A, ready to rock.


That’s a lot of IME and i2c at work! Looks like a W/ would fit nicely next to the PH3.


That’s actually reserved for the IME Hertz Donut III (the SSF Propagate is just a placeholder).


just got a new MDLR case in, first time with a 1u row, DIGGING it.

there’s room on my desk to have the Deluge and Stargazer and i assume the Swarm (still at the post, grabbing tomorrow) in front of it. which. YES.


@behndy super slick case! Love the way Marbles and Morgasmatron look beside eachother. Like a swarm of knobs.

Finally bought a super solid Enclave case and love the way it looks and feels. Before this I was rocking a DIY wood case with a Doepfer power supply and even though it did me very well for my first year in modular, it was not solid enough to lug to all the shows I have lined up. That being said I’ve had an intense itch to downsize my entire rig to something more humble. For the most part I feel very spoiled to have this wonderful setup and wonder if my mind would feel more at ease with a smaller rig… Until then I sure as hell am going to enjoy what I’ve got!



Finally got the O|D family together! Took me a while :slight_smile: 301 is fresh from the owen (day 1) so happy!