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ER301 rig pics!


ER-301 was the final piece of the puzzle!


But where will the Crow be mounted?


I think one of the two w/s will have to go :scream:




Is this one of the 4ms “Pods”?


yessir. was a bit fiddly getting it in there. The power header on the 301 is quite tall, but I eventually shimmied it in there somehow…




That looks like a happy place indeed.



This is the first Bode frequency shifter I’ve seen in an actual rack! After 10 years or however long it’s been released :smiley:

That looks like an awesome place to make music.


is this the pod 32?


there is a Plaits in place of that shared system blank panel now. fantastic oscillator.


Love the lighting!


That is truly a beast! Are you using the 4 tip top osc’s to make a poly synth?


Yes, sometimes. It really is just about having as many sound sources as possible for sound sculpting. The rack is setup such that I can go through oscillators or other sounds sources and then keep them through the SSP / 301. Really just want the rack to be able to work with as much stuff as possible, and not create any artificial walls to sound design.

I love it and am super happy I gave the modular world a try.



That is one decent-ass rack. Who makes it? Looks a lot better than the wire shelving system I’m using.


thanks! its a jaspers stand, with two intellijel cases


My current set up for a show I’m doing next week.