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ER301 rig pics!


My ‘Micro Sound Programmer’ :grin:


Here’s my setup for 2019. The aim was to build a rack with sufficient complexity that I can go a whole year without buying eurorack modules, spending the time to get to know this setup inside-out. The more people I tell, the more likely I am to stick to it, right?


My live setup :slight_smile:


Little hip hop setup


I’m in the same position! I keep telling myself if I say “I’m finished, I need to learn the stuff I have” enough times out loud I will stick to it, whilst I’m still eyeing up other modules ha ha


If eurorack companies would just stop releasing incredible new machines every 5 minutes, it would be a lot easier!


Love this rack. I would perhaps switch the Ears for a TXo to get the option of VCOs, envelopes, extra triggers it enables. And add a Grid. But see, there is enough here for years of exploration and performance.

Is it a 4ms pod?


I agree with @rikrak … this is enough to produce complete tracks, pretty much without compromise I would have thought.

TXo is a good idea too, but Ears does afford at least a small degree of physical playability and a nice pre-amp for external sound sources, so I totally understand the decision.

Very nice indeed :slight_smile:


Thank you for the advice! It is insightful!:grin: I do need a TXo and I am waiting @bpcmusic be back in stock.
Yes, it is a 4ms Pod60. It feels nice, lightweight but quite shallow as they were designed. I feel sad that Ansible cannot fit in. Neither does TXo, according to the spec.
Meanwhile, I am making a wooden case, 60hp*6U, to build a minimal system around ER-301, JF and TT. :laughing: It’s quite interesting to build small systems for various purposes.


Thank you!! :raised_hands:
Yes, I am thinking the same about Ears. I want some external inputs for ER-301 and physical interactions.


kinda ugly but works. and yes, the topmost “case” is two Ecco shoe boxes.


This is my system. Save for a potential swap of the Odessa for the CS-8 (when it comes out), it’s finished.



The travel/core rig, and then the entire system as it currently stands. When I got the er-301 and the e370 had not yet arrived, my plan/goal was to simplify down to the small case and purge the rest. Of course, that didn’t happen, but theoretically it still could. :laughing:


wow - which case is that?


It’s the 15U version of the ADDAC 901M.


Current setup with ER-301 as main sampler/looper +Fx unit. My appreciation for this module keeps growing.


For now I’ve decided on containing the 301 with the ‘mother.’ handy for travel as well as connecting to other, bigger cases scattered around the house. The mother ship!


former rig

current state of affairs


Are those NONO Modular cases?