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ER301 rig pics!


My ‘Micro Sound Programmer’ :grin:


Here’s my setup for 2019. The aim was to build a rack with sufficient complexity that I can go a whole year without buying eurorack modules, spending the time to get to know this setup inside-out. The more people I tell, the more likely I am to stick to it, right?


My live setup :slight_smile:


Little hip hop setup


I’m in the same position! I keep telling myself if I say “I’m finished, I need to learn the stuff I have” enough times out loud I will stick to it, whilst I’m still eyeing up other modules ha ha


If eurorack companies would just stop releasing incredible new machines every 5 minutes, it would be a lot easier!


Love this rack. I would perhaps switch the Ears for a TXo to get the option of VCOs, envelopes, extra triggers it enables. And add a Grid. But see, there is enough here for years of exploration and performance.

Is it a 4ms pod?


I agree with @rikrak … this is enough to produce complete tracks, pretty much without compromise I would have thought.

TXo is a good idea too, but Ears does afford at least a small degree of physical playability and a nice pre-amp for external sound sources, so I totally understand the decision.

Very nice indeed :slight_smile:


Thank you for the advice! It is insightful!:grin: I do need a TXo and I am waiting @bpcmusic be back in stock.
Yes, it is a 4ms Pod60. It feels nice, lightweight but quite shallow as they were designed. I feel sad that Ansible cannot fit in. Neither does TXo, according to the spec.
Meanwhile, I am making a wooden case, 60hp*6U, to build a minimal system around ER-301, JF and TT. :laughing: It’s quite interesting to build small systems for various purposes.


Thank you!! :raised_hands:
Yes, I am thinking the same about Ears. I want some external inputs for ER-301 and physical interactions.


kinda ugly but works. and yes, the topmost “case” is two Ecco shoe boxes.