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ER301 rig pics!


Amazing system, makes “Analog Modular” seem a little quaint :slight_smile:


I’m not gonna lie, but I’ve been working up my woodworking skills to try to design a case like this ever since i saw your post of it in the DIY case thread on Muffs.


Don’t you hate and love it when a new module comes and forces you to re-arrange everything? This is where the ER-301 has landed now, after trying other three arrangements for the last two weeks. Though I resisted the idea at first, of putting the ER-301 next to the ER-101 and 102, I’m now convinced they go well together.
I’m still trying to figure out a skiff with the remnants, after spending all night moving things around.


sorry wrong section!


Current setup:


Here’s the same pic I put on FB of my trio of O|D modules in original flavor. I chose to put the 301 to the left of the 101 with the hopes that the cables won’t block the interface to the 301.


Top left in my Mantis case is kinda where I’m thinking my 301 will go when it arrives, for the same reason. Or maybe bottom left. Placement of the 301 seems pretty important, more so than with most other modules. I’ll want it very reachable for frequent interaction, and as unobstructed as possible when fully patched up.



Bit of a crappy photo, but this is my new Mission Control, been wanting to do this for a good while now, haven’t played on it yet, but it looks like fun to me:


Nice - how do you like that SSM?


It’s a stupidly powerful sequential switch, not a lot not to like!! Except it doesn’t have enough ins/outs - I think I would like another :smiley:


@kel As much as @NeilParfitt has been a tremendous help to many of us in the burgeoning Orthogonal world of modular devices that have sprung from the mind of Brian, is there any chance of you too adding to the video library of how you work with your ER-### setup?


Flattering to be asked, thank you!, but video is not really my kind of thing and I don’t have the improvisational and entertaining spark that Neil does. I am working on contributions in other ways though :wink:


The expander, maybe? I’m interested to see more ways people use the SSM outside of “conventional”, beat-driven music


You are certainly making huge contributions already and I’m sure I’m not alone in offering you +12V of thanks.


Probably not, I have my triggers from Pam’s, Zorlon Cannon and the Shuttle Control - more than enough!

SSM will mix anything… my advice is just plug anything in there and see what happens :slight_smile:


Just make it up as you go along! The pressure is on! :smiley:


hello world.
hello all.
that beast is crazy.


Exaggerated pantomime voice “Oh no it’s not” :smile:


waiting for second 301 to come in a few weeks
O/D is for sure EURORACK 2.0