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ER301 rig pics!


ooo swanky!

But wait… bricked ceilings???


ahhaha I think so!!

Thanks Neil for all your 301 videos.


Hi Kel, curious… do you know if currently (or future) possible via shared bus of some kind or breakout to link a pair of 301’s internally to share/recognize IO’s? Mind melting possibilities if/when…


Super smart idea, and sounds like it would be entirely possible!

…but I’m not sure I’d like that, the possibilities are huge for sure, but so is the potential for confusion and overwhelming patch complexity!

I think a lot of the things I’d like to do by combining two is already possible by routing external signals to both and mixing/routing outputs via the patch points anyway.

Perhaps ‘some’ cross patching of critical internal stuff might be useful, but if these parts are that important I’d just be inclined to move those to external modules.

Did you have anything particular in mind that you could not see being doable already?


one idea was to dedicate one unit to more generative duties and a 2nd unit to more post ops (sorta…master FX & EQ, summing, groups, quadraphonic routing, aux send/returns). just nudging the idea and have been enjoying the patchless patching on the 301 as an internal mirror of the more hoary physical patches running above ground.


Hello new friend. :smile_cat:


This is really cool @Joe - nice compact but very capable system!!!

@raws yeah very interesting!

I can totally see all four outs of one ER-301 going to all four ins of the second - I am going to have to try that now you’ve brought it up :smiley:


This really excites me - what are you using for your case here?


Pittsburgh 48



Any questions or confusion with surrounding passengers? :smiley:


i wonder if that exoansion port on that back could be programmed to send the eventual Command Bus Data to another 301. That would be interesting!


I think so yes!!!

I’m trying to imagine how a doubling of IO would be represented in the UI!


Nice, I would love to have a compact travel option like this for exactly the same reasons. Are you leaving the sides exposed and transporting without a top?


So you’ve got the 301 and a Monome Ansible. . .what looks like a Nano Rand, an ALM SBG, and…something else?

Can you share what you’re using the SBG for?

Thanks for the feedback.


Manhattan CP3 mixer

I’m using the SBG as an input/output module.


ahhh what the heck.


Very nice! How are you liking the Voltage Block/Varigate combo?


it’s really awesome. i use the V8 for notes and gates (and drums), and the VB either like trig locks (octatrack) or just unclocked as offsets. pretty great honestly.


No photo but a video with my new re 301 in the case and a hello all 301er.


Glad to see you made it over, welcome @elinch :smiley:

There is an ER-301 music thread here for all recordings, Soundclouds, live performances, YouTubes, etc…