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ER301 rig pics!


Love this!




The goal is to reduce to elementary and necessary - till only the 252 Station stays… Could be possible with a second ER-301!


I keep thinking about downsizing because you’re absolutely right that so many things can be done in the ER-301, but every time I try it… I fail… :smiley:


yes, that is how it works… Hours after hours on modular grid planner… there is always not enough space… :disappointed_relieved:
but, some day…


That’s a sexy case!


I’ve taken a maximal approach with the intention of writing tracks start to finish on the modular.


Wow two Performance Mixers - I’m impressed. For a moment I thought the Mother was another piece from Cwejman until I recognized that I know that panel, I too picked one up from Magpie!


Let me know if you ever want to sell that QMMF-4 :wink:


Amazing… I have a similar size, maybe not quite as much, but it is split up into various cases for convenience and so I can seal it up to protect it from the elements and carry sections of it around! One day I would love to have a setup like that but it’s totally impractical for me at the moment.


@resynthesize I have always wondered, for folks that stack cases like that, aren’t you afraid that patching the top one will knock it over, or is there a wall behind it holding it up?


There is a wall behind it, but the case is solid walnut and is pretty heavy fully loaded, so it doesn’t wobble at all while patching. That said, I’d probably secure it more thoroughly if it wasn’t already against a wall.


Tidy setup! What’s your case?



A 6U iteration from the other week:


wow it looks like you could heat up an arsenal of mini tea mugs on that. What controller is that??





I knew I recognized that controller from somewhere:


My second day with my er301. My mind is truly blown by the possibilities of this module!