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ER301 rig pics!


Ah yes…I remember those days when our units were young and fresh, jacks were shiny and the buttons were virginal awaiting the frantic mashing of misunderstanding and impatient youth. Now some of us have grown wiser and look upon these images with the longing to add a second one to our rigs.


Don’t think there is a module out there that can fulfil so many roles!


There’s at least three or four dual ER-301 rigs out there already :smiley:


Man, I just love looking at the 301 with any scope action visible :kissing_closed_eyes:


I’ve finally filled all the holes! Of course that means I’m done. yeah.



…good luck with that! :wink: :wink:




That looks really fun @khiner - good work!!!


It’s here! Still need to order quite a bit more, but I’m getting there!

As other’s have mentioned, the packaging and shipping are totally top notch. The box the ER-301 comes in is classic. Super secured during it’s travels, and a totally over-sized box used with packing popcorn to ensure it arrives safely.

Build quality is top notch right up there with the Rossum modules. (Seriously the build quality on this makes others modules feel like toys in comparison.) Time to dig in!!!



You have what I call ‘masterplan positioning’ - huge gaps that I figure are already filled, plan-wise. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Oh wow, how do you like the Blocks? I’ve been thinking about getting some of them, but have suspicions concerning the tactility…


You got it! Already all planned out:

So far I love the blocks! After configuring the fh-1 for them I’m getting all 5 dimensions of control and it really makes my rack feel like an actual acoustic instrument only infinitely deeper. Highly recommend! I have a lot more sorting of things out to accomplish but I plan on coming up with something to demonstrate the appeal of having MPE within eurorack (modular synthesis in general).



Please do create a video demonstrating your use of MPE within Eurorack as I see you already have the Polyend Poly which I’ve considered and I do have an FH-1 that I’m using with a Seaboard and have thought about the FHX-1 to bring in more breadth but have been waiting to see a similar setup at work.


Please educate me. What are the ‘blocks’?


Modular MPE devices that are wireless (Bluetooth) and can work with essentially anything. Used to be only configurable with Apple products but they’ve finally realized there is more than just hipsters into making music and have got Windows and Android software out as well now.

Similar thing as the Linnstrument and the infinitely superior Hakan Continuum. (it is the rolls royce of the MPE controller) (that is of course not to say that the Linnstrument is inferior, it is fantastic as well. Is also considerably cheaper than the continuum.)

Basic premise is it/they allow you to have the same kind of control of your sound as that of an acoustic instrument. You can for example play your synth like a guitar with lots of whammy bar and power slides. You can play your synth like a violin, etc.

It is basically what I’ve wanted since I first got into synthesis.



I remember watching some video ads for the Roli when it first came out. I wrote it off for some reason which now escapes me. I’m suddenly intrigued again!


i don’t know if it’s a condition specific to euro… but now when I see empty holes in a system my brain needs to have them filled asap with modules or it’ll drive me bananas!


Trust me, I think this is a universal condition. :laughing:




Also interested in the roli stuff… I had looked into how you configure that expert sleepers FH-1 it really put me off I couldn’t get my head around it.


I know what you mean. It took me a while to get the scripting but with some help from Os I was able to, and understand it all pretty well now. If you get the FH-1 in the future and need some help, I’d be happy to lend a hand!