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ER301 rig pics!


Thanks for the offer I may revisit in the future. :slight_smile:


I remember having a hard time with this, too. I was following a long thread on Muffs to get it working and it did but was not working the way I wanted it. I ended up revisiting it later and found Roli’s official support documentation had a step-by-step that ended up working for me. I like the mapping on the script they link to as well!


Good luck!


See my problem with their documentation is that it was setup for the seaboard rise, and not the seaboard block. The rise has an x/y pad and 3 faders which the seaboard block obviously does not. They have a tutorial on setting up a lightpad block, but that isn’t the same. So setting up the seaboard block to work with a lightpad was no where to be found. I linked my thread and results below:

Os helped a ton, and now I finally understand the scripting syntax and function. One of the great things about the blocks is the modular nature of them. You can build the control setup that suites you. If anyone has any questions let me know.



Ah, the tally missed that you were talking about Blocks and not Rise - my bad! Glad you’re getting it sorted out!


After consolidating and streamline my plans, I’ve been able to knock off a whole row from my rack. With only 8 modules left to obtain, and more than half of the original cost saved, I’m very happy. I lost next to nothing in functionality. This shot shows my entire music / sound setup. I’m really loving the 301, and I hope this post isn’t considered gratuitous. I personally really like seeing other peoples setups. I’m visual in that sense.

with this being the new final plan:

I would love any feedback or questions.



I would like to hear the Rise via the ES gear be played with each voice coming on individually in order to best demonstrate the polyphony of your setup. Might you consider posting a video here?


Awesome setup! Out of curiosity, why are the 101/102/301 so high up? Are you standing most of the time? I find I’m totally uncomfortable reaching to anywhere but the first row of my 6U for the 301 and whichever sequencer I’m working with. Always interested in other’s workflows.


That’s a great question. My 301 is in the top row of my Mantis case, and I’ve seriously been considering moving it down so it’s less of a reach. My hands are always on it!


I find I like it down to the left as well… unfettered access to the controls from the edge of the case… think we talked about it before but I would really like a mirrored version for the right hand side!


It’s both a tactile matter as well as a matter of the eye for me - if I’m reading a compact digital display at 2AM, it’s gotta be as close as possible! :slight_smile:


I’d love to! Just need to find some time, and I need to find a way to record the audio to the video. Probably will be webcam quality.

Yeah I am standing most of the time, as I sit most of the time at work. Trying to counter balance that out. I think also from my time in DAWs and with traditional keyboard synths, I just have this idea of signal flow, and the oscillators are where it all begins. So it all kind of comes from the top and goes to the bottom and out.

Since I’m still (relatively) new to the modular world, this might all change. I can tell you that I didn’t place anything with concerns about keeping it accessible through cables. I just figure that is a wasted effort. It’s modular, there will always be cables in the way of something. So I just tried to keep functionality close to like modules. Fitting everything properly dictated some of the place as well.



Ah that makes sense. I have a standing desk for pencil and paper composition, but I’m sitting at my euro setup. Top down definitely makes sense to me with that large of a setup - with my small setup it’s definitely a L > R orientation.


Tray table 4U 60hp system for holiday traveling.


Nice! I have a row of quadratts in my case and they are really useful in the 301 as offsets. Also - wow beautiful case (and table)! :+1:t2:


Love it.



Here´s a crappy picture of my setup. The ER301 and the KB37 is such a good combination. Also with the qMI from Vermona its nice to be able to play poly stuff with modular, finally! :slight_smile:


Yeah totally! You’ve just made a total full up hardware synth. I’m digging it. I’ve been recently encouraged to downsize as well. (lost another row from my previous build, and the ultimate is to only have a 9u, with maybe a 4u 60hp lunchbox) Should get a new pic up here as soon as the mail arrives.




Ooh ooh! How do you like the Nerdseq?? Very intrigued… any happy surprises so far?


My micro set up around the ER-301

The nerdseq is a great companion for the 301
6 Sequencer with cv gate and modulation
you can record all in real time
and 2 sequencer for sample (perfect for drums)