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ER301 rig pics!


Here my setup.


Wow that’s a lot of sequencing power :+1:



Have to say, I’m digging the ultra compact but mighty rig pics being posted recently. (Like the big rigs too, of course).


Agreed! @scanner_darkly is that a Pittsburgh case?


nope, 60hp moog: https://www.moogmusic.com/products/accessories/moog-eurorack-case


Here’s my current setup, with freshly installed ER301 and ER101/102. Cases are basic DIY jobs - simple but ergonomic. All my money goes into modules :grin:


Another case with a boatload of sequencing! I’m a recent owner of the Eloquencer - how are you liking it? Getting into the more advanced features like songs & CV in? Always curious how people use that thing. It’s really WYSIWYG, but at the same time… elusive.

Also, a big question I always want to ask of those who have gone full-in on Cwejman - if you could start from scratch would you load up on that much Cwejman? Mostly because of Instruo (the Harmonaig) and simply having a bigger rig, my leanings have been more toward the sequenced-polyphonic direction. But the only voice I have two of is Braids, so I don’t really have access to reproducible poly sounds like you’d hear from a poly synth. Seems a lot of people use Cwejman to scratch this itch, but… so much space!!

Thanks & great case!



Heck I just wish I could find a place to buy some cwejman from!



I got lucky. I tried through Schneiderladen but was just on their waitlist forever. Then I found out about Cwejman.jp right as they started offering a lot of modules. Big City Music also came through on a few. Now it seems most are sold out again… :frowning:


I find all these sequencers very complementary except for the Eloquencer. I actually planned to cancel the Eloquencer once I committed to the ER101/102, but then figured what the hell, and got it. It’s very nice and intuitive for creating sequences quickly. I like the eight channels. Not sure it’s a long term keeper.

I’m very fond of the quality of Cwejman, and it forms a solid base for even the most tortured noise and ambient stuff. I don’t do much traditional polyphony (or music for that matter) but I often have a lot of voices going on at once, or a couple being quantized through the uScale. Cwejman is also, practically speaking, a good investment.

I generally don’t worry about space because I make very cheap cases for myself - usually the power is the biggest cost to expanding.

I am very interested in the Instruo stuff. Unique, creative… But holding off - I’ve got more than enough gear to learn and exploit.


I know what you mean about the Eloquencer, but it does make an excellent drum sequencer - especially paired with the ER-301! The lack of micro timing is a bit of an oversight but easily overcome with a delay in the ER-301 just before the drum trigger input.

I like that it’s super easy to change the pattern length, add fills, and probability…

As a melodic sequencer I struggle with it a lot more just because of the amount of time it takes to dial in the notes, but the Stillson Hammer mk][ is super fast for that so I just play each one to it’s strengths :slight_smile:


This is what has kept me from connecting with the Eloquencer fully too. That, and the way it handles ties doesn’t fully agree with me. Would love to see the CV record handle that stuff more like the Beatstep pro does where it can record the ties - would really improve note entry for me. That said, I still have high hopes for it since there are more firmware updates planned as well as plans to open source the code at some point.

I have spent some time with the CV ins. I like the way it handles them - it’s very flexible and sophisticated being able to assign the same CV to different targets and per track. I do hope there are some new CV targets added in future firmware releases. E.g. being able select which pattern or part is active with CV in would be a nice alternative to song mode.

I agree with you that it feels both intuitive and yet somehow still a bit elusive at the same time. If you haven’t yet, try self patching a track output into the CV in and then adding some controlled chance stuff to the source track. There’s a deep rabbit hole there for sure. :slight_smile:


I’ve done a little drum sequencing with the Eloquencer, but I mostly use a Circadian Rhythms as its zoom feature easily allows sub-steps, and it also goes well with ER-301. But everything else - to the extent I’ve used it - is very simple, and the probability is nicely integrated - not an afterthought. Haven’t messed around with the CV on it yet.

I actually found the melodic sequencing pretty OK - but I’m used to a BeatStep Pro which is a PITA.

I’m not sure it’s a long run keeper - Between Rene, ER-101/102, a couple Pressure Points, and Metropolis, I am pretty well covered in terms of sequencing styles. It was probably the most superfluous purchase I’ve ever made. :slight_smile:


Waiting for my Cirklon. Then the fully operational deathstar will be complete. Mwuhahahahahaha!


Thanks for the responses! I replaced my SHMkII awhile ago, but I like the switch pretty much 100%. I really like the note entering UX and like the precision it offers while still not taking long to plug a sequence in. With the SH I always had trouble getting notes in with the default range. Way too finicky and ended up with more “happy accident” patches even when I was going for more “specific idea” patches. Looking forward to the next firmware updates, too.


That’s a beast of a setup! I love the idea of having a Nord Drum to bang on nearby :metal:


Here’s one to while away the time until the advent of 0.3… my 301 snuggled up with its besties Triatt and A-164-1 (I am about to move them to the other side, don’t worry :wink: )


Lot’s of awesome rigs here… :smiley:

Nord Drum is awesome - I have the 2 - it definitely needs added dirt though - super clean when clean! Often thought about picking up the pads, but seems those days are gone… may find some second hand one day!