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ER301 rig pics!


Update. Just waiting on one module. There will be changes in the future. There isn’t however a time table on those changes. I feel very comfortable with all the options I have here and so it may not change after all. :+1::control_knobs:



That hole looks like a Percussa!


Yes sir! Wait is killing me.


hey @bgribble
happy with the brain seed and ornament as seq?


I have been doing all my “predetermined melodic” sequencing external (software->cv via midi). I love the brain seed, it’s one of my favorite tools combined with an offset/atten and a quantizer to generate related but dynaimic quantized melodies.

I wish I had a 8- or 16- step seq to handle repeated filter or other nonmelodic CV sequencing; I had a SEQ8 that lost its spot to the ER301 which did that. I have 4hp that would fit a Nano seq…


A new home for ye olde 301, and company:

I used an 8u lighting controller case to match the 4u case I have been using with my Cirklon. The turquoise panel at the top has the power supply (Intellijel TPS30MAX) mounted to it via 75mm standoffs, which provides ample clearance for the three 12hp cutouts.


That looks really great. I’ve been contemplating moving to a case like this for awhile now.


I’m as pleased as punch with how it turned out. It was something like $400-$450 all told, so not quite the cheapest option. But with the extra space in the 2u panel there is 204hp for modules, so the capacity is close to a 6u 104hp case.

Here’s a picture before everything was loaded:


This is what greets me everyday. Today it became “complete” after I installed serial #001 of the Synthtech E370.

To say I’m in love with this thing would be an understatement, I learn from it constantly. Not seen (because there is not a ER-301 in it) is a 9U/104HP mini-rack that is primarily percussion.


That’s…a lot!


That looks like the modules in the turquoise panel rest on the top of the panel, but the rest recessed…is that correct?

In the bottom section are you using rails?


Yeah, I’m using two sets of Art for the Ears rails for the 3u rows. The turquoise panel is 3/16" acrylic, and the modules are secured with some long M3 screws and nylon nuts on the back side. It’s a little fiddly getting the nuts into place, but not too bad.

I could have made the module slots a bit larger and attached some threaded strips so that the modules could be recessed, but I’m perfectly happy with the current arrangement.


Yes, it looks good. I was thinking that, in fact, you could have mounted the other modules similarly (if they’re not likely to be moved) i.e. with holes drilled into the faceplate as with the upper row.


Hmm, I’m sure you could make it work. But I already had the ears/rails, so I didn’t really look into it. Acrylic is not very rigid and is also pretty brittle. The 2u panel gets a lot of structural reinforcement from being attached to the PSU. I’m not sure how well a 3u+ panel would fare.


Ready for the first day with ER-301 :crazy_face:




You will love it :slight_smile:


It’s already the case. :rofl:


How do you like the replicator?