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Ergonomics: ER-301 in a beauty box?


Would you put the ER-103 in a 32hp box, or its controllers? Or does it feel better in the rack itself


I had mine in an Intellijel 42hp 4u box and it was a fun (and capable) little box! I’ve often thought about softly ditching big rig modulars and diving deeper into a teensy little setup based around the 301… But I’m having too much fun with it in conjunction with my other modules to go that route just yet. For now it sits in my 208hp case!

I do notice the 301 is a lot more fun for me when I’m close to it and have a comfortable resting position to make the diving a little less strenuous. Something a micro case really caters to. The screen on the 301 is also just so stunning I want to look at it close up all day.


There is an ER-301 micro-system thread dedicated to small systems based around our favorite unit, and I personally really enjoyed my little case for a while. Right now I’m coming back from the concept and expanding again (at least planning to) because I’m looking to add different flavors in the music and mix up the workflow. It’s still a valid idea I find, and it can be crazy versatile as an instrument, since the ER-301 is so powerful on its own.

There are a bunch of tiny setups in this thread and they are all cute and inspiring!


Yeah, I saw that. Thought the question was maybe specific enough to start a new thread…

I think I’ll start out with controllers in a separate enclosure, just on the grounds of staying focused playing rather than programming the module.