Erosive 0.1: Add Grunge, Grit and Distortion to your sound!

Hey everyone. I don’t own the module itself, but I got the emulator working today for the first time, and that means I got to experimenting with all the new stuff in 0.6, including the package manager which is a breeze by the way.

I decided I wanted to make one of my favorite sound design tools, and one of the best effects on the way to get to those grungy and ugly reese basses used in a lot of drum & bass and IDM these days. I called it Erosive (ableton users get it?)

Essentially what it does is this: The input comes in and gets layered with noise that goes through a tilt-shelf that turns it into either distorted red noise, silence or harsh blue noise. That noise layer is then cross-modulated with the input, the result sounds like it is “melded together” with the input. Erosive then takes the input & the added noise layer and crushes them together with a softclipper.

The tilt knob controls the tilt shelf. Positive values produce gritty noise with denser high frequencies, and negative values produce grungier noise with denser lower frequencies. The max values completely silence out the lows or highs. This knob needs more tweaking in later versions, especially in the cutoff regions & gain values.

The drive knob controls pre/post gain to softclip & distort the crossmodulated signal.

Use cases (Disclaimer, the values aren’t properly tuned yet for any signal type & amplitude, take with grain of salt) :

Simple Reese-style bass:
Take two bass-frequency sinewave oscillators with identical tuning, in mono. Slightly detune them until you get that familiar pumping effect. Put Erosive on top with the default settings and push the drive to your liking!

Simple flute sound:
Take a higher-pitched (treble clef area) wave that is anywhere between a sinewave and a triangle, send it into Erosive with high Tilt and low Drive. Push the drive to get more metallic tones, as if the breath is stronger.

Grungy lead:
Take a lowpassed sawtooth, send it into Erosive with minimal Tilt values and high Drive. Play with the lowpass :slight_smile:

Please help me with any issues you find, this is my first custom unit (and the first time I actually use the ER-301). Criticism is welcome, I’d love to have this process working on the first try!

Here’s to more of these things. I love this module.

Deep sound design mumbo jumbo time:
This famed effect is reached when a clipping element (such as a harsh compressor, limiter or clipping distortion) causes a weaker, more textured layer to be crushed under a lower-pitched, higher-gain carrier layer. The clipping cleans up the peaks of the resulting wave, filling the places closer to the 0-crossing with the content from the higher-pitched layer. Ringmodding is used to make the effect more extreme without necessitating distortion that would otherwise harm the carrier.

In slower waves, such as bass instruments, the result sounds like flapping, or a stabbed/broken speaker. With faster ones it sounds like a harsh buzz or gritty texture. This is because the ear picks up the individual moments where the higher layer blinks in and out as the clipping and ringmodding crush it away to make room for the carrier wave.

Erosive.pkg (2.6 KB)


Very nice, the negative tilt values sound great! I’m impressed you managed all this solely in the emulator :open_mouth:


Thanks! I was having a lot of fun. I have been in love with this module for years, sadly I never had the ability / opportunity to buy it yet.

I was also very surprised to find all the stuff that goes on with low Tilt values! that’s why I decided to work on making it usable without the user having to tweak under the hood.

Future versions of this will possibly have better performance if I find out ways to squeeze it down, as well as better tuning as I experiment with it.

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Great unit, sounds very close to Ableton live’s Erosion. If you add a control for the frequency, and a selector that allows the switch (perhaps via a fire GATE) to use noise or a normal sine wave it would be perfect. Here we should create a crowdfounding to buy you one :smiley:


Haha, thanks! I might be able to get my hands on a 301 in the July batch. We’ll see!

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Big changes coming soon to this and other units of mine. :slight_smile: