Eurorack Case space question


I purchased my ER-301 a couple of weeks ago and if everything is OK I will be entering this selected group by the end of november when my brand new module will arrive home. It’s going to be a LONG wait BTW …

So, in order to keek my head occupied and after seein my eurorack case, I need to get some space to be able to install my new module. I have another empty case, but I’m trying to keep everything inside one case. This is a capture of my actual system:

So the question is, which modules will you take off to have space for the 301? I I’m thinking of taking the Bitbox out, or probably the Morphagene, but I do a lot of sampling and I don’t know if the actual workflow with the ER-301 is going to be as fast as with those two …

Any suggestions?

Thanks a lot!

PD: With the BITBOX and the A-180-3 Buffered Multiple will be enough … but if I choose the Morphagene to leave, I need another module to reach the 30hp …

If you replace your clouds and rings with the 8hp versions that’s an extra 16 hp without getting rid of anything. Swapping out Elements for the 18hp mini version would save another 16 hp.

I had a morphagene and it was eventually devoured by my 301…

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Yep … I discovered that there was a smaller version of the MI Elements when it was too late … :confused: But even with a smaller elements it just was a matter of time to fill the case with other modules … :smiley:

My only concern with the Morphagene is that it’s a pretty noisy module but it’s very easy to capture fast splices and then create textures with them on the fly without programming anything. Probably I’ll make some space taking the Bitbox out and the Doepfer multiple and then time will tell …

BitBox may be unnecessary as you can make equivalent sampler players in the 301.

Shapershifter is great, but you can build a ton with similar results in the 301 as well.

It all comes down to what you want the 301’s role to generally be.

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Hi Neil - I also have BitBox and have been trying to replicate the ‘Clip’ functinality from BitBox in the 301. Im not very advanced with the 301 (despite watching all of your videos on repeat). I’m trying to do basic things like have samples play on a time quantized basis like Bitbox and Ableton Clips do.
Would be most grateful if you could direct me to anything that you’ve done where you might have covered this or any thoughts you might have on how best to achieve this. Im sure it can be done but I’m taking way too long to figure out the best approach.

Did you try out the Quantize to Clock unit?

Yes … I guess the Bitbox right now is pretty scared …:slightly_frowning_face:

Yes I did try the quantize to clock. Some success but not exactly what I was looking for. Do I need to combine it with other controls (in a addition to triggers of course).
Another quick point, I am using the G jacks to bring in external triggers. I’m using Pams. I seem to get audible clicks each time the sample is triggered. Is there a way around this, I would think that the trigger shouldn’t be audible?
Thx for your assistance - just learning, learning, learning here…

Well you will need to put the Quantize to Clock unit in the Player’s trig sub-chain and you will need to feed the Quantize to Clock unit’s clock sub-chain a clock signal that determines the quantize grid. That’s it really. Any triggers received will be delayed until the next clock pulse.

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Thx very much for that. I will try that later today (as soon as work is done)

Sounds like you picked the gate input as an input for the whole track

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Ah, yes, I think you’re correct now that I think about it. Doh