Eurorack module most suitable to delaying gate/trigger a few ms

so I’m using the 101 to sequence among other things the Bitbox, and I’m running into the problem created by the 3ms lag of the CV relative to the start of trigger/gate. slice selection is erratic.

I’ve been scanning forums and shops for the best module for delaying gates and triggers (not converting gates to triggers, like the doepfer A-162 does) but nothing really suitable has yet surfaced on my side (aside from the animodule gate_mod, but from the documentation I’m unsure it is suitable and ordering from US is less than optimal…). one might think a 4hp panel could house 2 delays if the purpose were just that.

tying up an ADSR at the moment for this, anyone with some other ideas for delaying a trigger/gate while retaining the length of said signal?

The 3ms delay must be coming from somewhere else because the lag between a gate firing and the CV settling to its target value (even if it is a maximal jump of 8.192V) is always less than 0.2ms (i.e. 200us) on the ER-101. Here is a scope capture:

hello Brian, and thank you for the very prompt reply again!

hm, yeah, i now see that i slightly misread the content of this thread:

well, the original problem persists, (both with the er-101 and the social entropy engine) and if someone has an idea, I’m all ears.

ive seem something similar when using an eloquencer to sequence an assimil8or via zones (slicing). The eloquencer would spit gate and cv at the same time, cv being used to select the zone. what would happen is each note/gate pair was behind where the note was the previous value. adding a slight gate delay module fixed it, but ultimately winter modular wrote a fix to delay the gate, seems like it was around 2ms to be effective.