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Evil Twin - Dual Oscillator FM/PM/AM Synth



Awesome work guys. I thought i’d built some complex voices this is another level!


holy shit!!!

thanks @Joe and @kel!!!

you guys are killin it!


i finally have been trying to use all these presets, and tonight i started getting somewhere! just a lil’ instagram vid, but here is two instances of Evil Twin, along side the ladder filter kick shared on the forum sent thru the envelope of one of the twins for extra spazzy stuff. :blush:


Had a play with this today and it sounds really good. Very impressed.


Wow! Thanks for sharing this!


wow this is the first time I play with the Evil Twin !!!
Beautiful thank you !!!
But it work only in mono mode ?

Thanks again for sharing this perfect custom unit!!


Thanks for the compliment, @Mooko. :slight_smile:

Here’s a stereo version.
Evil Twin Stereo.lua (93.9 KB)


Thanks again @Joe


hahaha i made this with evil twin tonight + DPO.
totally fucking bananas i love it!


It does sound evil in that track! :slight_smile:

I like the contrast with the delicate little melody just beneath the surface.


haha thanks, joe!
i didn’t record it, but right before that i had it literally sounding like a little bo peep organ or something.


love the sound of this unit so much, but i can’t figure out how to not get these pop crackle kinda sounds every time i trigger my gate signal. i am using monome ansible and earthsea modules for sequencing, and tried all different gate lengths, as well as playing around in the click reduction section.

i’m on firmware v 3.18


Is the click specifically at the beginning of the gate?


no, it’s more of a crackle that happens while the gate is open. for example, when i hold a gate open the crackle will come through in little bursts the entire time that the gate is open and a note is droning…


Okay, what is your CPU usage? Do you have many other units running at the same time?


ah yeah, that must have been it. i had units in all 4 tracks and cpu was at 70%. after clearing two of them out the crackle went away!


Hehe great :smiley:

This is where the recording features of the ER-301 suddenly start to look really interesting :wink: