Exchange video project (ER-301 music spin-off)

Must be almost a year ago now that I proposed to @Yunsnare to collaborate on a little project: we would exchange video footage of our direct surrounding environments and each make a track to the other artist’s video. Yunsnare delivered his part of the deal months ago, and it took me several months more to get to it, but I’m happy to share my contribution today! The reason I’m not sharing this in the main ER-301 music thread is that I would like to propose others in the forum to do the same, collaborate, and collect our exchanges in one thread. So this is not just the conclusion of the collaboration between myself and Yunsnare, but hopefully the beginning of other collaborations.

First of all, here are the videos (follow our channels while you’re watching!)

Yunsnare with video footage from bparticle

Modular Motel (bparticle) with video footage from Yunsnare

For anyone who is up for it: the “rules” are simple:

  • Pick a partner
  • Make a video of your environment (no excessive editing preferred)
  • Make a track to the other person’s video, edit to your heart’s delight
  • Share online, share in this thread

Anyone interested leave a comment and we can start matching pairs.


Neat idea. Well done - both of you.