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Expert sleepers fh-1 + er-301 discussion

anyone using an fh-1 with the 301?
i just racked one and tried it with basic poly 4 voices allocation and a keyboard.
so damn easy! put the keyboard on channel 16 and thats it! 4 couples of cv+gate, round robin default allocation.
i then created a 4x simple subtractive saw synth voice with ladder filter and a couple envelopes, in a custom unit so i have control on all adsr’s and filter f & q from one surface.
works great! finally i can have true polyphony! i don’t plan to use it too much on my solo stuff but i also play the modular synth in a trio (with drums and guitar) and in some tracks i was missing the ability to play some chords. wow!
with 4x saw osc, 4xladder filter, 4xvca, 8xadsr and on another channel a clocked delay + lpf + sine osc i’m just about 40% cpu :slight_smile:

next thing i will try is setting up my korg nanokontrol2 to have 4 faders and 4 latching buttons (two momentary, two latching) to control loopers.
more info to follow :slight_smile:


It has been my experience that the fh-1 and fhx-1s are great for controlling things. I have mine setup for roli’s MPE enabled blocks. 5 jacks per voice, and 4 voices. Seamless MPE control of the modular. It really helps the modular to feel like a real instrument. Love it.

wow! i can only imagine what kind of expressiveness you can conjure up with the seaboard block! i now checked it with the nanokontrol, had to factory reset it cause it responds to
ch1 midi cc 00, 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07 (without expanders)
but now the 301 has become a fully playable instrument!!
love also the fact that the fh-1 is totally plug and play, it resets just the ports where it receives some coherent message! i want to try with an hub and using contemporarily midi keyboard and nanokontrol and see it continuosly switches the ports from one controller to the other automatically!

Do the latching buttons on the nanocontrol work with the fh-1? I’m also thinking about using it as a 4 track looper control. The Instruo fader module seems not yet ready so i’m looking for another solution.

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yes they perfectly work with the fh-1.
i don’t have the expander so i set up the 8 channels with fader, mute and solo button on the same cc (0,1,2,3, etc…) with solo momentary and mute latching (toggle in kontrol editor parlancy). so i can choose which type of control to use in which case.

keep in mind tho that er-301 unit controls have their own behaviour, meaning that in dub looper (example), the engage and punch buttons are themselves latching, so even if you use a momentary button they will always latch. in other cases this is different. anyway i’m extensively testing it and it’s the perfect controller :slight_smile: it’s completing my 301 perfectly!!! i’m more and more in love with my system <3

i explain better how i set it up:
fader 1 cc=0, solo 1 cc=0 (momentary), mute 1 cc=0 (toggle)
fader 2 cc=1, solo 1 cc=1 (momentary), mute 1 cc=1 (toggle)
and so on and so on…

the incredible thing is how you can blend in different controllers! i’m now using nanokontrol and a usb mouse on a usb hub (unpowered) and they blend together perfectly! this module is wonderful and a must have companion for the 301 if you have some unused usb controller lying around :slight_smile:

Related I think to what @elias asked, and forgive me for being new to this, but would the FH-1 work with MIDI foot pedals and allow for something along the lines of what the Monome Walk does?

that i don’t know and absolutely need to try because i’m in need of foot control for using loopers while playing bansuri with both hands.
anyway if the midi foot pedal can be remapped you just have to set it to the right cc and it will surely work!

by the way: do you know any usb foot controller? if it has midi we can just remap it, if it’s a HID device we have to try and see if it works…

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I’ve been considering this one: http://looptimus.com/

I don’t have an FH-1, but I just got a Hermod a few days ago. I’ve been having a great time with it. So far, I haven’t had any trouble connecting it to anything. One of my favorite recordings that I made with it so far involved recording a Tombola sequencer mess from the OP-1, quantizing that in pitch and lightly in time, creating a loop, and sending that to my oscs.

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If the foot pedal does usb over midi or you can convert it to usb over midi than it can work with it. And as was mentioned if you plug all your controllers into a usb hub, you can use multiple controllers with the fh-1 all at once.
Plus since the fh-1 can use custom scripts you can literally get the fh-1 to behave exactly how you want.


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Thanks for that. I guess I’d taken the “fader host” name too literally.

mmm looptimus seems totally overkill for my needs. i just need a gate hi\lo behaviour.

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I use the FH-1 with a Pyramid sequencer and it’s a total killer setup together with the ER-301, especially for poly patches. Only thing I don’t like about the FH-1 is the scripting, if you want to use a non-standard gate/trigger/cv setup. But at the same time, this is what makes it so powerful.


And the scripting really isn’t that bad when you’ve given yourself some time to just understand it.

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Hello everyone
Figured its time to get over here from muff since my re-entrance into modular is totaly cycled around the er301. Wich i hope to be able to purchase soon:slight_smile:

Soooo since ome conventional part i want to use it for is polyphonic chromatic playing i wanted to ask some advice/how to i would be able to play that way with a fh-1

  1. i would only get 4 voices not 8 right?
  2. velcity sensitive?
  3. „ab“using the 301 as a boring sample player of miltisample instruments, besides the way of feeding it a long sample and slice the start points, is there some way to map or somehow assign a set of for example 88 notes of a piano scale from a folder in the system to be triggerd correctly via midi? Just common boring -map samples to keys until all samples are assigned to thier note key and than play through 1v/oct with 1 cv/gate pair per voice?

if you dont add any expander you will have , out of the box, max 4 voices polyphony with no velocity from a single, unexpanded, fh1. however you can expand on that adding extra fhx-1 modules (each gives you 8 additional outs, so with one expander you’d have 8 voices, still no velocity).
keep in mind fhx-1 arent exactly cheap but they can form a brilliant and very dynamic solution (even without scripts you can have’em behave in many many ways).

You only get 4 outputs on ER-301, but you could certainly have more than 4 voices, via fhx-1 expanders.

See answer from @hyena above about fhx-1 expander

There’s a 12TET slice addressing algorithm. Not sure the workflow for setting things up will be familiar to you, might require a bit of adjustment.

No problem, i am looking forward to learn this thing and adjust workflow. Finally compeltely away from any puter/pad

So hyena, about velocity. It would simply eat another cv/gate pair per voice correct? But in the case of fh1/x it means messing with the scripting while without velocity its plug and play!?

One offtopic question, please forgive me guys.
I want to be save with powering a little 84hp skiff. And would like to use a powerbank sometimes. Will i be safe with a 4ms 30w row power for the 301 and a few light not power hungy modules? (Pressure points, fh1, modulation sources)