External send/return

Sorry if this question should have been added in the other send/return thread but that seemed to be more about internal routing.
What I’m trying to do is use the 3/4 ins and outs as send returns for external FX added to channel 1&2. Is this possible? I thought maybe this could be done with global chains but I can’t figure it out. Maybe I need to use the looper/shared buffer trick? Would that even work?

Not quite sure what you want to achieve here. If it is the most usual (analog mixer) configuration of an fx s/r, i.e: having a stereo signal (S), sending it to an external fx, and mixing the stereo fx return (Sfx) with the initial signal (S), all to master out; then i would for example:

  • arrange to have my (S) signal output on OUT1+2. Patch that 1+2 into the external fx.
  • return from that box on IN3+4
  • in the empty stereo chain 3+4; put two mixer units; one whose inputs are IN3 and IN4; the other whose inputs are OUT1 and OUT2. Thus you can adjust the relative level of both signals (S)and (Sfx) and have that mix on OUT3+4.

Thanks for the reply, much appreciated. That solution would definitely work for a simple scenario but what if I want to send different amounts from different units? In the example above, imagine 4 stereo sample players on chain 1+2. I want to be able to control the amount sent from each sample player to the external fx.

well, same idea, each sample player in its own global chain, one mixer for each of these global chains in the 1+2; level of these mixers thus become “send level”.

So I’m in a similar situation just wanting to route selective audio sources to an external FX Aid and then back in… What’s the best routing process for this in the current firmware? Can’t seem to figure this out without effecting other sources in the chain when returned :frowning:

So I do this all the time. I use one channel as an effects send. In that channel I add mixers for each sound source I want to send to the effects. Then take the output from that channel to your effects. Then back from effects one/two (for stereo) of the 4 audio inputs. Then go to a different channel, or two channels paired if you are doing stereo, and add a mixer whose input comes from the audio inputs that your effects are using. If you then listen to this channel it will be your effects only. Then in that same channel add a mixer for each of your dry voices, like you did in the effects send channel. This way your effects are mixed with the dry signals that are being fed into the effects. Then you can go to the effects send channel and change the volume of the voices going into the effects, and then go to the output channel and mix them differently, or do stuff like EQ the sends, etc.

I guess this requires the voices to be global chains?

Generally yes, but not necessarily. Using one channel as a mono send and two as a stereo mix you still have one channel free to do other stuff.

I usually make a global chain for each voice, and in there I can choose the input, do any eq I need to, change the overall volume of that voice, etc. then use mixers in the other channels to add the voices from the global chains.

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