External trigger of card player

would it be possible to assign an external gate or trigger to the card player’s start, play command?
and maybe define if the file would loop or not in the general settings?
i find myself adding loops or background audio files at the end of a built chain and when playing live i often wish for a button to start these files for transitions etc…


i bump this, would still be very useful to externally trigger this player!


I would second Kilchhofers wish!

Sure. For now, you can already do this by throwing a Card Player unit inside a Custom unit:

Suppose you want to send it triggers to start and stop:

  1. Add a toggle control to a Custom unit. Name it ‘play’.
  2. Inside the Custom unit insert a Card Player.
  3. Set the speed bias to zero and the gain to 1.
  4. Assign the ‘play’ local as the source for both the Card Player speed and reset.

Sure, but not in the general settings. It will probably go in the Card Player unit’s menu.


ah great, haven’t thought of that, thanks brian!

This is really interesting and a use I had not considered before, but now you have spelled it out like this it has given me all kinds of ideas!!

Thanks :smiley:

The top one at the moment is slewing that 0 to 1 jump for timed mixes!

When you say “add a toggle control to a Custom unit” do you mean an external controller, or is there something inside the 301 you’re referring to? Thanks.

You can assign virtual controls to a custom unit. You need to go to a custom unit’s context menu (press twice on the button under the name of the custom unit) and from that menu, you can go assign custom controls. One of them is a toggle.


Thanks Josker!

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