Extracting tempos from sampled loops

First off: I can not complement the ER-301 enough. The design is so incredibly thoughtful I am constantly amazed when using it. So thank you @odevices :slight_smile:

I was wondering about one thing. Am I missing something or is there no easy way to extract tempo/clock from a sampled loop? What I do now is use the sample length from the sample player settings or the audio pool and input that value in the time to clock unit (or whatever it is called) to get a clock that syncs to the loop. This seems more complicated than it should be and the sample length that is available only has a resolution of 100ms. Also it does not work for a looped portion of a sample.
Anybody know of a better way?
The best would of course be if the sample player outputted a clock based on the length or loop length (SOS/EOS would of course also be great).

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Consider sloop, the latest has an end of cycle output signal (but no end of sample… could add it).

If you have a consistent beat you can also use CPR to extract a clock using the “active” gate output. Besides that you’ll have to get creative with rectify / offset / filter / slew limiter.

I think there could be room in the vari-speed player to add an EOSample / EOSlice output if Brian was amenable to it.

Clock the sample player? Then the clock becomes the master which you can use anywhere. See the Clocked Stretch unit.

Sloop and CPR are great, thank you for making them and all the other things you have made and continue to make for us :slight_smile:

I use sloop a lot but did not know about the end-of-cycle output. How can I tap into it? I do not see it in the scope.

I sometimes do this but the opposite would be nice to be able to do as well, that is derive the tempo from the loop. Especially if one does not want to alter the pitch of the loop or deal with the artefacts that changing length without changing pitch can incur.

Besides this specific use-case I think there are many creative uses of EOSample/EOslice/SOSlice triggers in samplers in general. I think it would make a great addition to an already great module :slight_smile:

Thanks! In the scope view the “reset” output will have the EOC trigger on it.

Ahh see it now. Does the end of cycle not depend on the clock to begin with though? In this specific use case an end-of-sample trigger would be more useful I think. Not that I am asking you to add it, there is maybe not that much demand for this feature :slight_smile:

EOC will fire at the end of the loop according to the clock input, so yea not quite what you’re looking for but it’s something. The feature would be relatively simple to add but it might be awhile before I get back to sample-based units.

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