Extreme CPU load with 5 custom units

Hi, I have tried to use my intellijel Shifty with 5 custom units which are just dual oscillator + sub oscillator each ( sample players ) x 5

When I’m on the process of loading them, it’s fine until the third, and the ER-301 starts loading them very slow. Is this normal ? The switch from 96 to 48 makes a difference but not much more …

i’ve done a lot of this. i can’t be certain, but it feels maybe like the older OS’s may have been less cpu intensive.
what i can verify for certain though is that cross modulation does take a heavy toll when at audio rates. are you doing any of that? also, it really pays off to only use granular units sparingly.

No cross modulation and no granular, just simple sample players.

I am though taking a lot of the I/O to send different gates and CV to each unit

Which firmware version?

latest ( 2.17 )

May I have a copy of the quicksave or preset for analysis?

I will, but It will take some time … I’m going in a trip on a few days and I have packed my rig this evening ! Will post here once I’m back to the ER-301

Thanks !