Fastest way to create a note sequencer

Ciao a tutti!
I developed a custom unit that would like to emulate in some way a infamous bassline :blush:
if you have time, you can take a look here:

At this url a short preview:

As with all that I have developed, firstly I did a working draft on Nord Virtual Editor G2.
If you don’t know it, the software is free, deprecated and very powerful! And it works great even without the hardware.


At the moment the unit has almost all the parameters but it still depends on an external sequencer, the reason is that I am stuck somehow in the realization of the same.

at this point I would like to ask to the community what is the fastest way to create a note sequencer on the ER-301, and if there is also a possibility of being able to add a slew limiter to each step to emulate the tie / slide behavior of a simple tb303.

Can you help me? Thank you in advance for any answers.

love&music, emiliano


Joe’s voltage bank is a good start (Accents). It’s basically a series of track and hold units selected by bump maps. Use a counter to sweep through it and you’re golden.

Another more out-there approach could be to use the Sloop (clock-synced looper) unit I created with some clever use of track and hold.

Both solutions are rather CPU intensive; hopefully once v0.6 drops we can build some sequencer primitives in the DSP layer.


Hi Tom:)
thank you very much for the tip. I had tried Joe’s great unit, but I’m afraid it’s hardly configurable for that. I could always set some basic sequences but this would lead the user to configure the sequence outside the ER-301 for deep melodic customization, I think with a SCALA type software and then upload the new file inside the scale quantizer. in addition for the tie / slide configuration I should put something like a vca that turns on a slew limiter for the steps involved.

Maybe I will leave everything as it is for the moment and look forward to new routes with the new firmware.

Have you seen the TB-3PO sequencer inside of the Logarhythm branch of Hemispheres for Ornament & Crime? It is without a doubt in my mind the best generative sequencer for Eurorack, and happens to be a small C++ app inside of O_C, so it should be easily ported to something else without requiring much CPU at all. I don’t know if people can write C code for the ER-301, but if you can, this would be the best way to get it built in.


looks great :slight_smile: I already have o_c with hemisphere. Could you explain me how to install this applet? Should I replace Hemisphere firmware in bulk? I would regret this as I use several apps there. Is there a way to install TB-3PO only?

@avenir it’s just an alternative version of Hemisphere that removes the “Captain Midi” applet to make some space and replaces it with a couple new ones (TB-3PO & Stairs) and adds a few improvements to some of the existing applets. The only thing you lose is Captain Midi. Installation is the same as the normal Hemisphere suite: Releases · Logarhythm1/O_C-HemisphereSuite · GitHub

Wiki: Home · Logarhythm1/O_C-HemisphereSuite Wiki · GitHub

Modwiggler thread: Hemisphere for Ornament and Crime: Logarhythm Branch - MOD WIGGLER

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Thanks! Work weel (:

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