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Fat Comp & Ez Comp custom unit (donationware)

ooh, and please, i want to make clear those units are for everyone to use! you don’t need to donate so please don’t feel ashamed if you don’t!!!

also, given that i think i received a lot, from now on 50% of donations for those units will go to this NGO:


had a play with the Fat Comp today. as you suggested, feeding a kick drum into the sidechain, compressing a ridiculous reverb. the kick itself is external and although i had a go at placing a kick unit in the ‘Key In’ subchain, couldn’t figure it out this time! Next time…


hey :slight_smile:
after you assigned your kick to the “key in” input , did you turn the “ext key” button on?

here a little tutorial i made to show how to use the ext sidechain :slight_smile:
i also found a little bug , gonna fix it very soon i hope!
here u go:


so, i think the problem in your case is the threshold set too low.
try to keep it up a bit (-12 \ -13 max) for now, if all the rest is setup properly as in the video tutorial i posted you should hear it kickin’ in!
i will find out why it stops working below a certain threshold and fix in the next days :slight_smile:

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Hi, yes in answer to your question I followed all instructions. I think the reason I couldn’t get the sub-chain kick to act on the “key in” was simply user error.

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