Feature: Multiple sources routed to a single mod target?

Recently, I’ve been in some situations where it would be useful to be able to
modulate a single 301 parameter with more than one mod source at a time,
with independent amounts of positive or negative modulation. Is there a way to do this currently?
Because if not, this would be a very valuable thing to have.
Case in point: I use the Expressiveé Touché controller, which is capable of, among other things,
side-to-side movement where the left and right directions are independent mod sources
that produce their own voltage ranges. So it’d be great to be able to, say, assign the left side to
the speed parameter of a Sampler unit negatively, and the right side to the same speed parameter with positive modulation. Unless I’m missing something, there’s no way to do this currently.

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In the source assignment add 2 (or more) channel mixers and add your input sources. You can either tweek rangers externally or add additional processing per channel mixer such as an open VCA with adjusted gain and bias, Limeter, Offset or anything else to modifying the incoming CV.

Thanks Neil, definitely a good workaround. However, it gets a bit unwieldy when you start getting into complex patches, so I’m thinking a dedicated feature to address this would ultimately be a slicker solution. Part of what makes the mixer idea cumbersome, of course, is the fact that you’re editing on a small display - I wonder about the feasibility of a computer-based editing app at some point…

An even faster way (once you set it up) is to use a custom unit, with a ton of mixers within. You then create a bunch of CV controls that internally map (using the local sources) to those mixers. So, in the moment if you need to use multiple sources, you add this custom unit and immediately assign CV sources vs having to menu dive. I’ll make a video if it helps.

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You should already know that we’ll clamor for the video option…squawk squawk for video Mr. Parfitt. Or would loud Bengal cat meows better get your attention?

Just posted vid #25 covering this


Thanks, just saw it - very helpful :slight_smile: And while I don’t necessarily think that having to make custom units is the best solution to every problem (as opposed to dedicated features), it definitely does help for now. Much appreciated. Keep up the great videos!

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